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Nuked WTC's Dmitri Khalezov Was on the NO PLANES Band-wagon Early.

Posted on the 26 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
I hadn't realised (or maybe I was BLANKING IT because I'd yet to become an official 9/11 No Planer) when I first did my 9/11 investigations, that '150 kt underground nuked WTC-proponent' Dmitri Khalezov had NO PLANES as a central core issue in his earliest expression of the Ground Zero event/redefinition piece ... whatever 9/11 eventually turns out to be.
Below is part two of twenty-six about the nuked WTC but I specifically want to draw your attention to Dmitri's technical claim that, "A sub-sonic aluminium plane CAN NOT penetrate 2-inch-thick steel," and this is whether you believe the WTC designer Frank A. DeMartini who says the WTC can accept multiple hits from jet liners, acting like a 'mosquito net for a pencil'.
"It does nothing to the screen netting" UNQUOTE... i.e. the exterior columns WON'T be sliced through by an aluminum plane, i.e. the section steel-columnar design of the WTC would act like a CHEESE GRATER on anything so soft as a commercial airliner.
The WTC designer's words are still valid, it's just that a sub-sonic cylindrical aluminum projectile will not penetrate even tank armor at one inch thickness of steel. And the velocity of the armour-piercing projectile needs to be THREE or FOUR times the speed of sound. So, something should have melted off, or fallen off, the outside of the building.

Here's a link to my Feb 2011 piece on Dmitri Khalezov that has the full 26-part PLAYLIST.
PS: Dmitri Khalezov seems to have 'fallen off the face of the planet' somewhere in Spring of 2011.

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