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Now the Makers of Candy Crush Saga Want to Trademark the Word Saga

Posted on the 22 January 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

On Monday we wrote about King Studios and their trademarking of the word Candy. The company seemed to be going out and trying to enforce the mark even though its still open for opposition at the USPTO.  King also received a trademark for Candy in Europe as well.

In article out today on Hanuman Welch writes that King  seems to be looking to protect the word “Saga”  The author brings up a good point that King really does not own a lot of other “Candy related” titles, but they do own multiple titles with the word Saga in the title.

From the article:

This morning, newly obtained documents show that King is now attempting to go after Stoic Studios, makers of the beautiful, tactical RPG, Banner Saga, because of Stoic’s use of the word ‘saga’ in the title. The saga in Banner Saga refers to the literal banners that were carried into battle and are common mainstays of Norse mythology.

Ignoring the fact that Banner Saga has about as much in common with candy themed mobile apps as a cooling turd does with my mouthwash, King has turned their legal team against Stoic all the same. While’s trademark on the word ‘saga’ has been filed, it has yet to actually clear. The decision is a preemptive one, and presupposes that it will eventually be upheld.

Unknown to most, does have a whole stable full of non-candy themed titles aimed at the casual gamer. Title like Bubble Witch Saga, Pyramid Saga, and Puzzle Saga all function in much the same way as the portable mouth-breather detector, Candy Crush Saga.

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