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Now Best Buy Wants Some Employees To Stop Working From Home… So The Geek Squad Will Finally Be Leaving Your Basement!

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

Just a week after we wrote about Yahoo ending its work-from-home program, CNN reports Best Buy is now ending its work at home-program for employees whose managers don’t want them to work from home.

3 Companies We’d Like To See Allow Their Employees Work From Home

1. Home Depot. Finding a ladder to grab some baseboard from a multi-storey shelf requires so much effort! With a work-at-home program, not only would home depot add some street cred to its homey-ness, but ripping baseboard off the employee’s apartment walls would reduce the risk of falling!

2. American Airlines. Now that we’re seeing all these ads about a newer, better airline, we think the pilot’s living room would make a more comfortable cabin. Especially since we know computers are just flying the plane anyway, so why not enjoy playing computer games on the pilot’s Wii in his own living room with him en route to Shanghai?

3. Fox News. We don’t know where some of the more vocal anchors live, but Fox and Friends would be far more entertaining if someone started banging on the ceiling, yelling “Pipe down, down there! I can barely hear this Home Depot customer removing all of the baseboards from my walls!”

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