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Norway – Oslo Hit by Massive Bomb Blast at Prime Minister’s Office. Are Al Qaeda Responsible?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Oslo bomb

Oslo has been hit by a shock bomb blast at the offices of the Prime Minister at around 15.30 today. As I write 7 people are confirmed dead and to all reports people are trapped with the building. Norway has never suffered anything like this in it’s history and it must be a complete shock to the Norwegian people. I look at the astrology to try to make more sense of the situation. There are also reports of shootings at a youth based political meeting on an island called Utoya around an hour from the capital, caused by a lone gunman.  

The modern chart of Norway goes back to the country’s independence from it’s union with Sweden on 7th June 1905 at 11.00 in Oslo. This gives a 10h house Sun in Gemini conjunct to Pluto in the 10th house of government and national prestige. Norway is a modern constitutional monarchy and a rich one at that with copious natural resources. With Pluto and Neptune in the 10th house one can see the reliance on natural gas (Neptune) and petroleum (Pluto) as well as having a significant fishing fleet (Neptune) and fishing is an important industry for the country. The Moon representing the people sits in proud Leo in the 11th house and this shows the propensity for the people to rule in a party lead political system to run alongside the monarchy. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury sit in the 9th house of education and wisdom. Norway has always had a reputation for high learning, literature, music and culture and of course is the home of the Nobel awards for peace, science & literature. Mercury sits on the Midheaven in the peace loving sign of Taurus and it is no wonder that Norway is a neutral country and it’s preferred stance has always talking rather than action as member of NATO in international cooperation (Venus in 9th opposite Mars). Looking at Mars it lies in the 3rd house of the local environment. Mars is retrograde so defence is focused on defending Norway’s own borders rather than looking aggressively outwards. Uranus sits in the 4th house and Saturn in the 6th, so politically Norway will always err on the side of social parties of a more socialist ideology or those with a connection to the working classes (6th).

Norway natal

Now to the blast and gun attacks today. Looking at the transit chart we see transiting Mars exactly sitting on natal Pluto also conjunct the Norwegian Sun. Here is a brutal attack causing death and destruction hitting at the heart of the Norwegian nation and those at the top. Transiting Pluto makes several aspects; opposition to Neptune - death & confusion and maybe links to religious based groups, quindecile to it’s own position – here again is an extreme focus on underground activities and destruction and a trine to Venus – here is a social angle to the attack and a potential link to hitting the people at the top of government (Taurus on the Midheaven ruled by Venus). We also have a square between Uranus and it’s own position, so a shocking event and trine from transiting Uranus to the Moon; the general public are caught up in this. Interestingly transiting Jupiter makes an opposition to natal Mars and a square to natal Moon – is this a faith (Jupiter) based attack (Mars) on the people (Moon) of Norway? Looking at this chart, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a religious group behind this attack. Would it be another Al Qaeda attack like the one in Mumbai?

Norway transit

Looking at the Al Qaeda chart compared to a transit chart in Oslo for 15.30 there are definite signs that the terrorist group could be responsible. The Al Qaeda natal Pluto sits exactly conjunct to the ascendant opposite to transiting Jupiter  – it is very possible in my eyes they are behind this destruction, as this aspect alone says to me a successful (Jupiter) bombing (Pluto) campaign. Authoritarian Saturn does sit opposite the Al Qaeda Mars, so the Norwegian authorities may catch one or all of the culprits, but unfortunately for Norway and it’s people the damage has already been done.

AlQaedaformation transit

My thoughts go out to the people of Norway, and I hope those responsible will be caught and prosecuted.

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