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NOLA Detournement in Solidarity Against Big Oil

Posted on the 27 March 2013 by Earth First! Newswire @efjournal

OIL LA Mcbillboard

From an anonymous communique sent from the streets of New Orleans to the EF! Newswire:

“With dawn approaching on the morning of March 24th, after a night of revelry involving freakshows and failed attempts at ordering broccoli sandwiches, we biked to the Franklin Avenue railroad overpass in the 8th Ward of New Orleans to make our voices heard and have our solidarity recognized.



There were four of us.

With two lookouts, our two ninjas fastened the banner to the overpass, not yet flipping it over to face the highway on ramp, making our scandalous activities and whereabouts known. The banner read:


We regrouped and prepared for stage two. 

NOLA Detournement in Solidarity Against Big Oil

“detournement”… That’s a French word.

After those scouting had repositioned themselves, one of our number shimmied up a support beam to the scaffolding of a dual billboard belonging to an injury law firm, and McDonalds, respectively. With spraypaint, wheatpaste, and a healthy disrespect for consumerist culture, they quickly worked on implementing a bit of a “detournement” on the advertisement. It now reads much more to our liking.

Once the “artist” climbed down from the scaffolding, the banner was dropped to the traffic coming from the highway, and we scrambled, meeting up to have a beer or four as the sun rose.

While we see the need for propaganda in regards to confronting the ecocidal capitalist machine that is destroying our planet, we also recognize that as a tactic unto itself, banner drops and graffiti will not stop our cultures death march.

Thusly, we’re begging you, please show us the fuck up.

In solidarity with the Tar Sands Blockade, all those suffering under the yoke of oppression, and all those who choose resistance.

Four disgruntled New Orleanians

For some more pictures of the action:

P.S. This action took place a day late for the Tar Sands Solidarity Week of Action with spelling errors, but it’s alllllriight. In New Orleans we’re in solidarity eight days a week.

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