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Nokia Shows the Qualities of Camera Lumia 920 Vs Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S

Posted on the 20 September 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u
nokia lumia 920
As we know, Nokia has released technology that carries Lumia 920 PureView Phase 2. Unlike the Nokia 808 PureView focus on detail that puts a high pixel density, PureView camera on Lumia 920 with more emphasis on the ability of others, namely photography in low light.
To prove the ability of the camera Lumia 920, Nokia conducted experiments in the studio with no plan. In these experiments put a hole that is used to take images of a dimly lit room containing a vase. To compare the results, also used Galaxy S III camera and the iPhone 4S to take pictures with the same object.
The results of the contest shows Lumia 920 with camera technology capable of recording images PureView better of the two cameras used in both other smartphone. In this contest does not use flash to help illuminate objects in the room.

lumia 920 vs iphone 4s

Lumia 920 vs iPhone 4S

lumia 920 vs galaxy s3

Lumia 920 vs Galaxy s3

Excellence is due to a variety of technologies installed in the Lumia 920 as assistance autofocus lamp, plus a purely optical image stabilization that can record images with shutter 8 times longer. Lumia 920 also has a wider aperture is f/2.0 plus a combination of sensor / optics proprietary devoted exclusively to low-light photography.

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