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Nobody Outdoes the Left's Demeaning Attitude to Women

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Yediot Achronot went all out, probably way beyond the norms of journalist reporting, during the recent elections, in their anti-Bibi campaign.
Yediot targeted anything and everything that they thought might make Bibi look bad in the eyes of the people. Whether it had to do with his politics or his personal life, or even not his own life but his wife's!
It seems the end of the election season has not brought an end to the yellow-reporting up the Yediot newspaper. I'd suggest that as long as it is anti-right, it is fair game in Yediot.
The following distasteful item ran in the gossip column today:
Nobody outdoes the Left's demeaning attitude to women
That is, Ayelet Shaked and her husband went to a hotel to celebrate her appointment as Minister of Justice, and her 39th birthday. To the disappointment of the other guests, when Shaked was at the pool she was careful to keep her clothes on.
I am surprised a leading newspaper would write such a distasteful comment, let alone about one of the most senior politicians in the country.
It goes right in line with what Yosef Partitzky said the other day, when he looked for something nice to say about Shaked and the only thing he could think of was to say that "This is the first time in Israel that the justice minister can star on the calendars that hang in garages" and then explained further that "...she is very beautiful – like many of the Reich's women."
It seems that as much as they are critical of people on the right and in the religious and Haredi communities about their stance regarding women, they do just fine on their own and far outdo anybody else in being demeaning and disparaging and insulting to women.
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