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No Turkey on Survivor, Black-ish, Or Nashville but Plenty on The Goldbergs & Modern Family

Posted on the 20 November 2014 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

No Turkey on Survivor, Black-ish, or Nashville but plenty on The Goldbergs & Modern Family

THE ANSWER TO WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: The 2 airlines on Wings were Aero Mass and Sandpiper FIRST FIVES: Dave DeSocio, Justin Jones, Bobby Aguilera, Mike O'Dea & Monica Caraffa HONORABLE MENTION: Dani Jackel

Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5
NCIS-CBS 2.6/17.8
The Voice-NBC 2.6/10.5
NCIS New Orleans-CBS 2.3/16.6
Chicago Fire-NBC 2.0/7.7
Person of Interest-CBS 1.6/9.6

Tuesday's Cable Top 5
Sons of Anarchy-FX 2.4/4.6

College Basketball-ESPN 1.1/2.1
Big Bang Theory-TBS .9/2.5
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-Bravo .9/1.9
Moonshiners-Discovery .8/1.8

Tuesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 

The Voice-NBC 732,000 Tweets
Sons of Anarchy-FX 133,000 Tweets
The Flash-CW 30,000 Tweets
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-Bravo 26,000 Tweets
Football Hall of Fame-NFL Network 3,000 Tweets

It's gonna be VERY interesting next month when Nielsen starts measuring Netflix and Amazon. I can't wait to take a look at THAT data.


Survivor The rain came down like crazy just as everyone was getting ready to start the reward challenge. It was going to be a muddy one to begin with, but once it started pouring the mud got worse. Everyone was covered head to toe in super thick mud. Clean up had to be painful in some areas, if you know what I mean. Natalie and Jeremy gave their reward to John and Jacklyn. WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THAT? Natalie was trying for a thank you and Jeremy wanted the immunity idol. Problem was that John already found it. When Jeremy watches the show back, he's going to smack himself upside his own head for that blunder, especially since he and I were both blindsided by his ousting. Jeff made the biggest deal about the immunity challenge being the first challenge in Survivor history where the players would only use their feet.  Hey Jeff, I hope it was the last time in Survivor history too. IT WAS WEIRD and IT WAS GROSS. I don't want to see people's gross feet in general, let alone after they've spent 21 days on Survivor and they're all crusty and bitten and nasty. Please don't do that again. It grossed me out big time. 3 random thoughts:  1) How is Natalie's nose ring still intact? 2) It's amazing that after all these seasons, Jeff's running commentary NEVER bugs me. He has a pretty interesting gift with that, doesn't he? 3) I felt that John and Jacklyn were WAY too affectionate during boat trip. Did they brush? 
Goldbergs  It was Thanksgiving at the Goldbergs in 1980 something and Bev's crazy meter was pinned. She was looking forward to cooking her Mom's recipes with her lovely daughter Erica. One problem. Erica wanted no part of it. Bev bet Erica that if she could survive a Jazzercise class she wouldn't have to cook. Bev threw on her Jane Fonda garb, and Erica didn't and of course Erica didn't break a sweat. She was out of cooking. You know the Bevanator DOUBLE OR NOTHING. This time…power walking.  Bev faked an injury. (I knew it!) and  Erica was off to Lainee's. It would be Barry cooking the bird, which of course was a nightmare. Just as Erica was headed out, Pops popped up and made Erica feel soooo guilty that she of course stayed, cooked and "kicked Thanksgiving's ass." Uncle Marvin was in for the holidays and guess what he was selling this time? BEEPERS! Remember them? My son hit me with "what's a beeper?" I wanted to shoot myself. Marvin was also sporting the Miami Vice look. A suit from the Crocket & Tubbs collection. Classic. Also classic: Atari, Intellivision, & Nintendo. Adam was in deep and Uncle Marvin got him the Power Glove. The Power Glove! Even I didn't have that. Of course the Goldbergs Thanksgiving was perfect. The fighting, the insanity, the food and the love. Oh and a new word to add to our collection. I believe I will officially be replacing VaJayJay with VaJingo. Thanks Bev!
Two Goldberg Trivia Questions today: 
1) How old was Bev when her Mom passed away?
2) Name the song from last nights episode. 

Modern Family
I got nervous. I really did. Luke and Lily back in full force. Curse of the kids. I didn't have much hope. As I was watching Mitch and Cam in dresses, and Manny accidentally touching Hailey's boob and fondling her undies, I was shaking my head and had almost given up BUT Thanksgiving saved the day. 3 Turkey's. Phil's, Claire's and Jay and Gloria's. That's where the funny was. The writers pulled it out and there were some hilarious laugh out loud moments. No, really, I did laugh like a crazy person when Gloria tried to give Luke a cooked turkey for his birthday. It worked in the end. I hope the writers are seeing the trend here. Do we even have to put it in writing anymore? Send Lily and Luke to boarding school and move on guys. 
I don't know if Dre's super annoying Mom was in town for Thanksgiving or not. There was a lot of food, but no traditional Thanksgiving dinner, so no idea if there will be a "Very Special" Thanksgiving episode next week or not. If Dre's Mom leaves and comes back for Turkey, it may send Rainbow over the edge. Ruby is one tough Mother-in-Law and Dre is apparently a Mama's boy. I had no idea. The show was funny but it lead me to something that always drives me crazy. Candles. Dre was trying to de-stress his wife by drawing her a nice hot bath (does anyone ACTUALLY do that?) and he had what seemed like 1000 lit candles around his perfect bathroom. Every time there's a bath scene on a TV show there are always 1000 lit candles. I ask you readers,  how many candles do you own? Could you or someone you love draw you a bath with 1000 lit candles on any given day? Knowing the price of candles, these baths would cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars AND lighting them all takes time. I personally am not a fan of baths at all. The idea of sitting in dirty water freaks me out but every time I see a TV bath with a 1000 candles it always drives me insane. I had to take time to vent. Thank You. 
CMA night in Nashville. Rayna was kicking butt all over the place and that was REALLY pissing Luke off big time. Enough's enough Rayna, dump that chauvinistic a-hole. I hate him. Juliette was all dressed up, looking large and having some pretty disturbing childhood flashbacks. Avery's parents were in town for the show. His Mom was nice enough but Dad was a bit of d*ck which made Avery realize how much he really loves Juliette and their unborn kid. Gunnar won an award but he was so busy looking for his kid who got lost going to the bathroom, that he missed it. I knew Zoey would split. She doesn't want to be a Mom. I'm glad she left. The writers need to shut this Micah thing down fast. Hating this storyline big time. Loving Teddy and the hooker but we know how that's gonna end. I really liked watching Deacon and Scarlett watching the show on the couch. Stars, they're just like us! 

-Late breaking news…Mike Nichols the insanely talented director and husband of Diane Sawyer passed away last night. RIP Mike. 

-I know you've all been waiting for the next installment of Jimmy Kimmel's "Do You Have What it Takes?" Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1-cSqvD3Bo

-Longmire will be back for a 4th Season but don't go looking for it on A&E where its been for the past 3 Seasons. Guess where it'll be? Guess? NETFLIX! Yep! I don't know why I'm so excited by that news, I don't even watch Longmire nor will I ever, but every time Netflix makes a bold move I enjoy it. (I've come a long way haven't I?)

-Also coming back…Luther! BBC America is bringing it back BUT only for a 2 episode event type thing. I've always heard Luther's a cool show but I've never seen it and I don't even know that much about it. I'll add it to the list of shows I might binge one day. Damn this job thing. 

-I am not proud to admit this but I will be TiVOing James Franco and Seth Rogen on Naked and Afraid on Discovery Channel on 12/7 at 8pm. I'm even more disgusted with myself that I will be TiVOing the even raunchier, uncensored cut of the show at 11:15pm that night. I've never seen Naked and Afraid but I will watch the two of them try to survive naked. Who's not into that?  

-Stephen Colbert will be hosting the Kennedy Center Honors this year. 

Honorees are: Al Green, Tom Hanks, Patricia McBride (ballerina) Sting, and Lily Tomlin. I probably won't watch. I hate Sting. 

-Speaking of late night hosts, Larry Wilmore's show just got a new name. Just a refresher, Larry's taking Stephen Colbert's place when Stephen takes Letterman's place. Larry's show was originally going to be called The Minority Report With Larry Wilmore. Now it's The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. Shockingly with all the late night shows out there, that title wasn't taken. Larry starts his new gig on January 19th. 

-Lots of crazy rumors, but as far as I can tell, The Today Show crew has NOT been fired and this morning, they're still on the job. 

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