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No Translato... but It Appears to Be a VW Dealership in Brazil That Was Suddenly Closed, and Now Used to Store a Private 3 Car Collection

By Bertyc @bertyc

Found on
You're quite right, it's a short film based on a true story.
It’s about a man, currently a senior citizen in their's 80, who due to a sudden change in VW's dealership policy, lost the representation of that brand. It happened in 2001, in a small town (30k people) in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul. In that year, VW state that every dealership that would sell less than 60 cars/year should shut down.
However, that man wakes up every day, put on business clothes and opens the shop. He still has some OEM parts, and some brand new cars, like a 10mil. Beetle. His routine is about chatting with friends, eventualy selling some parts (even requested by mail), and giving some loving to his "autos", that's the way he tenderly refers to his cars.
 Regards from Sao Paulo, Brazil... Andre
Thank you VERY much Andre!
If  anyone can get his contact info, I will be pleased and privileged to run his info here on my site to let people know he has VW parts and cars to sell, it might help him, or some reader! For anyone who can should do what they can to help a fellow car guy stay in business if they can, and this is what I can do

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