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No Time To Get Pedicures In Salon? Try Scholl Express Pedi Electronic Foot-File

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc


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What do you get in one pack of Scholl's Express Pedi Electronic Foot File?

Why to use it?


No Time To Get Pedicures In Salon? Try Scholl Express Pedi Electronic Foot-File


My First Impression Of The Product -

Daily- I am a working woman, full time mother, a wife and a house-maker and whatever little time is left I am a blogger. During weekends- I try to catch sleep if my little one allows, cook something special, go sopping (necessary and important stuff), visit doctors at times for my baby girl, do cleaning (dishes, laundry, house), and plan my posts - schedule them - take pictures etc. Due to this hectic schedule, I try to snatch a couple of hours in a month to get my eyebrows, facials etc done. I do feel that pedicures are one thing that pamper me a lot, and after effects are even more satisfactory. Bug trust me when I say that I consider pedicures to be total waste of time and money and I can not emphasize more.
So, when I got invited to the Scholl's event at the occasion of this newly launched and probably a revolutionary product, I was more than excited. We also got a chance to see a demo of how this foot file works on our feet. 
 REVIEW OF SCHOLL ELECTRONIC FOOT FILE The blue handle, sandy surface of the file and battery operated design made me instantly sue that it would do "something" even if it doesn't file the foot properly. But, this is what it is made for, it has got to do the job of filing and that was not very apparent.

Review of Scholl Foot File

Scholl's Foot Filegood to carry around on-the-gono hassles of cord, looking for sockets
It scraped the dead skin on my feet with the help of Micralumina replaceable head which is basically a charcoal gray sandy roller that rolls automatically when foot-file is on.
The difficulty was to roll it around all-over my feet by myself but it was nothing that I couldn't accomplish, I guess it just needs practice.
Thumbs-up to the fact that it does scrub-off dead skin and leaves my feet smooth. But the real test was to see if could work on the cracks of my feet (due to neglecting my feet on regular basis) and callouses/corns my feet has.
Cracks - a little more time around it and they were close to diminish. I am amazed! Callouses - removed the dead skin on them but couldn't remove the built which is absolutely acceptable because if it did, I would be bleeding. Corns are also built-up on the epidermis layer and I would never use this instrument to remove that.


Batteries at the bottom of the foot file!

The drawback - I am still not aware of this fact how long this roller would last because the sandy surface is definitely going to disappear if used very frequently. (I guess!) I hope Scholl is planning to manufacture and sell the roller separately so we can replace it. (Or may be it is already doing!)

 Is this product worth the price? Should anybody invest in this product?

My answer would be "YES". Not because I was given this product to try for free but for the reason that you or me would save at least Rs.4800 annually on pedicures.
1. A salon charges at-least Rs.400 for one pedicure session. Suppose you get pedicures at-least once in a month. In an year, you spend 400x12 =4800 . 
2. Let's say you just don't get pedicures at all to save those 4800. Even then this is a win-win situation for you. You have got your own pedicure instrument.
3. But, pedicures do not cover only cleaning dead skin of sole but it also woks on nails, cuticles, soft skin of feet. For these, I use a foot-brush worth Rs.25 in washroom that works really well on my nails, soft skin of feet and build-ups of nail bed. I use this brush daily!
4. It is really good for those who have cracks on their feet. Not in a single use (let's be realisitc!) but over the time, I now you will be able to get crack-free feet.

For the shopaholic in You

If you ever get a chance to test this foot-file, do it because it is certainly a good product. Once you like then decide to buy. At first it will seem to be a little tedious but if you would weigh down the benefits, you'd know what a great thing it is!

Let's discuss!!

What do you think of this foot-file? Is it any good for you?


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