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Nightwear News: The Perfect Christmas Gift - Kerala Kimono Dressing Gown

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

For some people the pressure of Christmas shopping is now starting to mount, we have crossed over into December itself and now that all important day looms less than one month away. It seems every year that someone proves really hard to buy for, and it can surprisingly be someone close to you. You have nudged them for ideas and this has proved fruitless, you have asked other family members and it seems they too are still scratching their heads, it really seems to have everyone stumped.

Nightwear is something you may not immediately consider for a closer female relative, and there are many reasons for this. As a child there always seemed to be hideous underwear from well meaning relatives, or rather lame character pyjamas from your well meaning parents when you were about 15 years old. You are therefore very wary of messing up and making a choice that leaves someone else cold, especially when it is someone close to you and you want them to love it.

Dressing gowns make an excellent, unusual yet really stylish choice, and we cannot think of many ladies that would be disappointed to find something like the Kerala Kimono dressing gown under the tree on Christmas morning. This gown has the advantage of being full length making in perfect for the current climate. The patterning is simply divine, it is an abstract mix of contrasting stripes and eastern floral prints which combine seamlessly to create an opulent and appealing look. The delicate blue and white shades give this kimono style robe a Saville Row look which is no coincidence as that is exactly where you will find designer Derek Rose.


The other thing about this particular dressing gown is the lack of age, on two counts. Firstly the age of the recipient, this is perfect for literally any age group, young and trendy recipients will love the abstract detail and gorgeous wide belt, whilst older ladies will feel equally luxurious as they slip this on in the mornings. Add that to the fact the gown itself does not age as it isn’t tied to current trends and colours you really could be onto a winner and your Christmas shopping stress could be at an end.

Kerala Kimono Dressing Gown

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