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Nightwear News: The Month in Pyjamas (Feb)

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

The month in pyjamas - February

There seems to be a growing trend for integrating pyjamas into daily life. For a long time pyjamas have been what you slept in, and perhaps what you spent time in when you were feeling under the weather. Over the summer we featured several articles about the growing increase in the desire to wear our pyjamas as loungewear, after work, for easy days at home, it seems the whole country has got into it in a big way. Now apparently the boundaries of social acceptance are on the move again! This month sees two similar news stories about new locations to wear your jammies!

Firstly a cinema in Sidney, Australia is holding a pyjama party this week, an advance screening of a chick flick, and viewers can enjoy food and drink in luxury seating whilst wearing their favourite nightwear as daywear! We cant help wondering if this will include pink fluffy bunny slippers or trainers!

Secondly, (albeit a tongue in cheek interpretation!) 128 art galleries in 30 countries joined forces to have the first ever VIP Art Fair. Now in this case VIP does not stand for very important person, oh no VIP in this case stands for Viewing in Private, as the whole event took place online Galleries were turned into virtual rooms with the magic of 360 degree viewing software, and users were encouraged to view the art dressed in their pyjamas giving the whole event a totally unique flavor! We wonder if any of the viewers chose to don their stilettos and do their hair and make up as one might do when attending an art gallery function in the real world. We actually think it would have been quite a fun thing to do, and perhaps if the event takes off and becomes a popular annual event guests will gather in groups at a friends house and make a night of it. 

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