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Nightwear News: Tell Us What You Think

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist us what you think ...

Calling all our loyal customers, wehave a mission for you! We know how mucheveryone gets excited by missions, and this is a lovely simple task for you to complete - nothing Mission Impossible about this one, which is a shame asfrankly we would quite like the idea of Tom Cruise and his bulging biceps turning up at our front door! What we would love you to do is to tell us what you think about the gorgeous nightwear we sell.

This information is always useful tofirst time shoppers, whether you can let us know how you found our service,from order to delivery or perhaps more importantly what you think of the products you purchase. When we stock ourshelves we do a lot of research and try our best to pick items that combine style,quality and value for money. We try and keep classics that will never age, plus a range of bang up to the moment itemsthat follow the catwalks and major fashion houses.

We have brands that we believe sumall the key elements up, and we do road test the items ourselves. However, it the most important thing is whatyou, the customer, thinks about the items. You wash them, use them, you live with them. We need to know if we are getting the selection of pyjamas, nightdresses and dressing gowns right.  So, whilst we love writing away and tellingyou how great our items our, we know new customers would love to be able to read some real reviews from people who actually own the pajamas they love, orthe chemise they desire.  

If you could possibly spare the time, drop us a line, using our ContactUs page. Simply tell us the name of the item you brought, and inyour own words, what you genuinely feel about it. This means we can share your information with new customers, and also keep a real eye on the items we stock. After all, if we are stocking something that does not offer quality then we are not happy to pass that onto our loyal customers and would rather withdraw it from sale.

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