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Nightwear News: Cosy & Warm Dressing Gowns to Beat The Chill

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

Dressing gowns come in all shapes and sizes, some are shorties, some are long, some are sheer and some, including our own personal favourites are cosy, snuggly, heavy and warm. That time of year has crept up on us again, pumpkin lanterns have been blown out and condemned to the compost heap, and the mercury has started to fall.

The chill was evident as I went to bed last night and instinctively I reached for the dressing gown to keep me warm as I went through my nightly routine, removing make up, brushing my hair - you know the sort of thing! This winter we have at least half a dozen dressing gowns perfect for cosy nights and snuggly early mornings. 

Fleece gowns are by far one of the most popular choices for toasty dressing gowns as the soft fibres create a hug like feeling. One of my personal favorites has to be the sumptuous and very opulent purple hooded dressing gown from Loungerie nightwear. It just looks like something you could curl up on the sofa in, and feel warm and cosy, no matter what the weather is doing outside. In fact the same could be said for the Hush dressing gown in pink from well known nightwear brand Lepel, or the Calvin Klein Logo dressing gown in black and the Luxury Velour Dressing gown in cream from Papinelle. We could even rewrite the words to the classic track, Baby it’s cold outside! I really can stay, I really wont go away, My dressing gown has been so cosy and warm!

Nightwear News: Cosy & Warm Dressing Gowns to Beat The Chill


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