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Nightwear News: And the Survey Says ....

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

And the survey says...

Finally proof if proof be needed that we do know what we are talking about! Was it even in dispute we hear you cry! (well we do have to keep an eye on these things you know!) A survey carried out by a company called Nectar Business has revealed that eight percent of you work from home bods do so in your pyjamas! We knew it, and we knew we weren’t alone in our guilty pleasure! We still say ‘Why not’ after all it makes perfect sense, if you don’t need to get dressed to hike into the office, as said office is just down the hall, then why waste time dressing, just make sure your webcam is off if you need to make any Skype calls!

We would actually argue, should the boss want to seek clarification on the matter, that working in our pyjamas therefore saves us time and allows at to be ready for action at our desks earlier than our office based counterparts who have to dress to impress and spend time in hair and make-up. We do, as a matter of course, have the best in designer ladies and mens pyjamas, dressing gowns, and more because we love them so much! We brainstorm in the bath, calculate in Calvin Kleins and lunch whilst doing laundry. We don’t add to the carbon footprint by commuting, in fact the benefits of having staff working from home seem to be endless. So why aren’t all businesses embracing the virtual office?

Sadly for some people the pull of the sofa, the distractions of Jeremy Kyle and the desire for just another hour in bed are just too great to resist, and it does make it much harder for bosses to keep an eye on their staff. Unless your work is a definite input v time and output then trust has to play a part in the home working relationship. So why does our boss trust us? Simples, as that famous meerkat tells us, it is because we love our job, we are all passionate about nightwear, dotty about pyjamas and so in love with chemises we want to work! In fact we are so sad we can regularly be found boring our nearest and dearest with tales of pretty dressing gowns and nightshirts! Come on and join the revolution - viva working from home in your nightwear or pyjamas!

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