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Nicholas Cage - In Hot Water After a Drunken Row in New Orleans

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Nicholas Cage

Oh dear! Another star is in trouble after a drunken row. We have had a rash of them recently with both Charlie Sheen and John Galliano to name but two having problems. Today it was reported that actor Nicholas Cage was arrested by the local police for smashing cars in a drunken rage after an argument with his wife Alice Kim. He has been remanded in custody before a court appearance later today.

Nicholas was born as Nicholas Kim Coppola (before he changed his name to Cage) in Harbor City, California on 7th January 1964 at 05.30 hrs making him a seriously minded Capricorn. He has a socially active Moon in Libra in the 10th house and an adventurous Sagittarius ascendant. The Sun sit sits in the first house conjunct to Mercury and Mars. This is a “go get-em” combination, Nicholas is sharp of tongue, sharp of mind, sharp of temper and sharp of action. In all these planets in Capricorn, there is no lack of ambition here and he will tenaciously follow all his goals and ambitions through to completion in a disciplined and controlled manner. The Sun in the middle of this conjunction is part a mini grand trine being trine to controlling Pluto conjunct Uranus and the formation is completed with Neptune at the point with sextiles out to the Sun and Pluto. All Nick’s controlled energy from the Sun/Mercury/Mars and from Pluto is focused on Neptune, the ruler of films and creative pursuits.

CageNicolas natal

Pluto never knows when to stop and it is noticeable that since he was a child Nick has been starring in films at a very regular rate. It is not surprising with Pluto, Mars the Sun and Neptune in deep Scorpio all combining together that Nick’s most successful roles to date have all been in action films, although he will also be attracted to more unusual independent ventures too with Uranus trine to Mercury, as well as the technology in making films. This is something I think that Nick will move to more and more, following his uncle Frances Ford Coppola. The fifth house of creativity is ruled by Venus through Taurus on the cusp. Taurus has always been associated with making things and as Venus is conjunct Saturn, Nick will have a desire to administrate and make successful films as he grows older. With a Sagittarian ascendant and a Libran Midheaven opposite Jupiter, Nick has ambitions to be socially popular (Libra), and internationally (Jupiter/Sagittarius) known through his life’s work (Midheaven).

The mini grand trine I wrote has had a couple of other effects on Nick’s life. The Sun is an indicator of the father in a chart and with a connection between Pluto and Uranus to the Sun, we can say that his dad was controlling, disruptive and very independent. More than likely, Nick’s father would have had a drink problem, with the sextiles to Neptune (something Nick has also taken on too) and we know that Nick’s life was transformed in 1976 when his parents divorced, exactly as transiting Pluto the planet of metamorphosis was conjunct his Midheaven (or parental axis).

Moving onto the Venus/Saturn conjunction in the second house. Venus/Saturn is always associated with disappointments in relationships. Nick is now onto his 3rd marriage and this changeability in his permanent ties is echoed by Gemini being on the cusp of the 7th house of partners and also the square between Saturn/Venus and Neptune. With Nick, there will always be the illusion (Neptune) that his next love (Venus) will finally be the right one but unfortunately for him, he will almost always be disappointed (Saturn) and so the cycle starts again. It will take him a long time to eventually be settled in married life, if he ever does get settled? Saturn/Venus in the 2nd also bring the constant fear (Saturn) of a lack of money and resources (Venus). This is another motivating factor in why Nicholas is such a prolific actor, doing good and bad films alike. He needs to earn money. Nick’s chart is the latest in a long line of charts I have looked at to have Venus in Aquarius; a placing which bestows a film star glitz and glamour to a persona – it is amazing to see how many people in the public eye have this position.

Finally looking at the two planets I have yet to properly focus on, we can see a quindecile between Jupiter bang on the IC and the Moon in the take control position in the 10th house. Nicholas came from a very religious Roman Catholic family and that faith can be seen with Jupiter the planet of faith on the parental 4th/10th axis, sitting just into the 4th house of home. Here Nicholas will want a large comfortable house and home-life with no expense spared. In fact he has a propensity for buying houses, he purchased several large homes around the globe which he has bought at great cost. This is ok if you can afford them, however, the US tax authorities have been investigating Cage’s finances in the past few years (we return to authoritarian Saturn/Venus in the 2nd house of personal finances) and the worrying square to Neptune which suggest not being honest with the management of his money. Nick’s over optimistic (Jupiter) spending (Venus) and his confused attitude (Neptune) to money will cause him problems with the authorities and he will have to learn lessons (Saturn).

He is a very optimistic person, he will believe that there will always be another opportunity just around the corner, something that I believe his mother have preached to him (with Jupiter on the cusp of the 4th house). Jupiter is also square the Sun and Mercury and this backs up his attitude to relationships that the grass will always be greener on the other side. Nick will harbour grand plans (Jupiter/Mercury) and he will have an obsession to carry them out himself; again here is another indication that with these big ideas (Jupiter) he will need (the Moon indicates need) to be more and more in control of his work (Moon in 10th house) in the future. This Moon is very temperamental being square to Mars, making Nick difficult to live with and if things don’t go his way, he is liable to throw fits of temper, just like the one which has got him in bother today.

CageNicolas transits

Low and behold when we look at the transits for today versus Nick’s natal chart, transiting Mars is conjunct natal Jupiter exactly making a obsessional quindecile to the temperamental natal Moon. An intense flow of angry (Mars) energy aggravating an already stressed planet (the Moon) and so Nick went over the top (Jupiter) in his reaction. Transiting Mars is also exactly opposite his Midheaven, so his public reputation is taking a hit, backed up by Saturn which is conjunct it too. Mars and the Moon were square Mercury when the incident occurred, so the story (Mercury) of his violence (Mars) to the cars (Mercury) and his emotional reaction (Moon) was picked the media (Mercury). Transiting Saturn is opposite Jupiter so the authorities and the police (Saturn) could bring legal (Jupiter) action against him. Transiting Pluto is conjunct Mercury so his movements and communication (Mercury) are now being controlled and restricted (Pluto). I can go a bit deeper, with transiting Neptune making a disruptive little 45 degree semi-square to his natal Sun, making Nick right now a bit more susceptible to being affected by drink and drugs.

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