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NEWS RELEASE by the Church in Wales About ‘Seasons of Prayer’

By Mba @mbartoloabela

NEWS RELEASE by the Church in Wales about ‘Seasons of Prayer’THE CHURCH IN WALES

News Release, February 7, 2018. Curate's book on prayer praised by Archbishop

A book of prayers for the four seasons of the year, written by an assistant curate, is being endorsed by the Archbishop of Wales. Called Seasons of Prayers, the new book contains 72 original 'everyday' prayers for autumn, winter, spring and summer. It explores how the spiritual life passes through four different seasons and the way in which the unique character of each season deepens our faith and strengthens our prayer life.

The book is the work of the Reverend Andrew Highway, a part-time assistant curate in the deanery of Merthyr Tydfil and Caerphilly. As a non-stipendiary minister, Andrew works as a town centre development manager in Caerphilly. Last year he published another devotional book called Life's Complicated: Pray Simply.

Andrew, a former police officer who was ordained at Llandaff Cathedral nearly six years ago, says, "In the same way that the natural world follows a pattern of season, so also the spiritual life goes through similar transitions. When we understand this, we can begin to enter into the seasons of prayer with confidence that even after the darkest seasons there is the hope that new life will begin again.

"This book follows those natural seasons and shows how these can also relate to the seasons of prayer we experience in our spiritual lives. Each season begins with a short introduction to the natural season and is followed by a reflection on the spiritual season. Within the section are a series of simple prayers that correspond to either the spiritual season or the natural one.

"The prayers are very accessible and will appeal to those who would describe themselves as spiritual, but not necessarily religious, as well those who already belong to a church."

The prayers are succinct and cover a wide range of subjects and situations. They include prayers on parenting, refugees, exams and social media. Andrew has also included a short prayer aid at the end of the book. Called 'Seven Gateways to Prayer' it is intended to help people get into a regular pattern of prayer time every day.

In a foreword to the book the Archbishop of Wales, John Davies, writes, "Andrew Highway takes us through the natural year's four seasons in which are experienced change, waiting, hope and flourishing. The Christian journey can be reflective of such seasonal experiences: there are times when change has to come, times when the journey is barren, cold and hard, times when there is re-awakening and, most blessedly, times when the journey is filled with the flourishing of service of the Kingdom. I hope that your use of these prayers will find you reflecting on what God is saying to you through their words, what he is asking of you and what he is promising you, rather than you leaving it all to him. May his Kingdom come through what he has to say to you through them."

Seasons of Prayers is published by Hope and Life Press and is available on Amazon (£15.99) and on Kindle (£9.99).

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