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New York Magazine’s New iPad App: Lean Forward, Lean Back and Get a Bite of This Apple

Posted on the 03 April 2013 by Themarioblog @garciainteract

TAKEAWAY: It’s a sort of coming of age for the print mag that goes tablet, and New York Magazine shows us the way.  Functionality, usability and a no nonsense approach to keeping the finger happy.

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Choose from one of three covers

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Easy navigation, user is never lost for directions

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Split-screen allows user to lean forward to latest news, lean back to rest of the mag’s content

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Keep up with the latest news in lean-forward mode

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Macy’s advertising suite: way to go with advertising that tells stories while it sells

New York Magazine’s new tablet app is here, and it has many features that define it as a coming-of-age magazine app. It’s been only three years since the first iPads fell into the hands of excited kids of all ages, including me.

But, boy, those three calendar years are more like 10 in terms of discovery, learning the hard way and accepting this is the platform of choice for the future (after we put our smartphones down, that is).

While the New York Magazine app premiered only April 1, much has been written about it. If I had to tweet my reaction, it would be something like this:

The new @NYMag app shows what the tablet can do to give an already fantastic print edition longer, more fun legs. Best of both worlds!

In 2013, a news app (and I consider feature magazines to be in this category) needs to satisfy certain needs, which New York Magazine does splendidly;

Provide the latest news: Yes, we know that tablet users are usually in lean-back mode, but they may want to switch to lean-forward mode in a second. Those guys at New York Magazine and their consultants at The Wonderfactory got it right, employing a split-screen tactic that reminds me of those push-up exercises we all do. The split screen symbolizes our split personalities when it comes to using the tablet. Bravo. Users are applauding here, I am sure. The latest news portion is not just the standard website, but is curated and presented optimized for the tablet, with a clean reading experience and swiping between articles.

Behold the Macy’s ad near the beginning, a real advertising suite that tells a story, shows fun images, and sells you what that old store with the famous Thanksgiving Day Parade has to sell. Some of the internal ads are more static, but, heck, there many tablets out there with 100% static ads, so we applaud again.

Pop ups: Keeping the finger happy apparently was a goal of the creators. I loved touching an icon and seeing actor Elaine Stritch’s awards in a second. It’s a very simple pop-up, but fun and engaging just the same.

I may add that, unlike some of the early magazine tablet editions that tried to do what young magicians must do on first auditions, this New York Magazine shows a sense of 2013 maturity by not going overboard; no bells and whistles used gratuitously here. If there is a function, then it’s there. Nobody will be overwhelmed by the effects.

But you will be impressed by the overall conversion of a favorite print product into one that, in the tablet, has found just the perfect ally.

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Joe Zeff provides his take on New York Magazine’s app:

First paragraph:

New York magazine rolled out its new iPad app today, and one reviewer went so far as to describe it as “the future of print + digital publishing.“ We don’t think so. general manager Michael Silberman has now replied to Joe’s comments in detail as well. He concludes,

So, yes, your concept would be a good user experience, perhaps more integrated than our approach. But it wouldn’t be a good business, at least not for us.

For more:

New York Magazine’s new iPad app looks to define the future of print-digital publishing


Timed with the magazine’s 45th anniversary, New York is set to launch a newly redesigned iPad app that takes full advantage of Apple’s iOS platform, and could serve as the new standard bearer for print magazines on tablets.

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New York Magazine’s new iPad app: lean forward, lean back and get a bite of this apple

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