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New Way Easier Way to Cook Brown Rice – Lime and Cilantro Brown Rice

By Slimshoppin @slimshoppin

cilantro brown rice

A few weekends ago I mentioned I made Chipotle from home, which of course included trying to make their lime and cilantro rice which is so good. I’ve always made brown rice the same way I make white rice. 2 – 1 ratio – so 1 cup rice to 2 cups water. As you know brown rice takes a long time to cook 35-40 minutes. How many times have you made it this way to have some stuck to the bottom of the pan? (me!). Then it is such a pain to clean the pot. Recently I was on and saw an article called “Perfect Brown Rice”. They suggested making it like making pasta – lots of water compared to the brown rice. So here is what you do:

Get a big soup pot, fill it almost to the top with water and wait for it to boil.

After it comes to a boil add however much brown rice you want. I used 3 cups for my family.

Turn the heat down to a simmer and cook UNCOVERED for 30 minutes.

After the 30 minutes is up, drain it into a colander and put it back in the pot for 10 minutes WITH A LID ON TOP (it will steam it).

And voila! Perfect rice. Have you ever tried that method before?

For the cilantro lime rice, after the rice was finished (I used 3 cups uncooked rice) since that was a lot, I used the juice of 1 whole lime and 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro and salt and pepper – delish!


So – on to my successes today on the weight loss front:

I am still doing great with my Koo-Dohz bracelet! I think it’s becoming a challenge to see how many “koo-dohz” I can give myself.

No cupcakes at work (someone brought in cupcakes for valentines day

No THIN MINT girl scout cookies that were also at work

Walked home from work (almost 2 miles)

Went out to lunch with my sister, my niece Hannah and our Mom – we went to a stir fry place and I got all veggies, a little brown rice and lots of veggies – Koo-dohz! (and no roti bread which is so awesome there) AND it’s all you can eat and I had one bowl


My daughter made chocolate chip cookies for her valentines day party at school (all by herself!) and I had no cookies! (huge Koo-Dohz for that!).

I had only 1 helping for dinner

I have been using a smaller plate and bowl for dinner – saving lots of calories!

I also mentioned I have been watching a lot of weight loss success stories on You Tube. One thing is true, what works for one person may not work for another – so if you keep trying different things, one day it might click! The following video is about Stacey Morris – she used Diamond Dallas Power Yoga to change her life around – here’s a little more about this video:

Stacey Morris decided to try the DDP YOGA fitness program when she saw it mentioned on Oprah. She joined the free Team DDPYOGA community ( and met another one of their successful members, Terri Lange, who supported her throughout her journey by phone and email. When Dallas realized just how dedicated Stacey was to changing her life, he began talking and email with her to support her as well. With the help and support of both Dallas and Terri, Stacey completely transformed her entire life. Today, her life is full of happiness and health!

Two years later, Stacey lost 185 lbs and meets Terri in person for the first time.

To contact Stacey to hear more of her story, please visit
For more information aboud DDP Yoga, visit

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