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New Vista Ranch Improves Care for Challenged Individuals With FleetMatics Vehicle Tracking

Posted on the 24 October 2011 by Fleetmatics @fleetmatics

Founded nearly three decades ago by parents of disabled individuals, New Vista Ranch is a non-profit organization that provides housing and support services for developmentally disabled adults in the greater Las Vegas area. For Kelly DeGuzman, CEO of New Vista Ranch, part of empowering these individuals includes ensuring that when they’re being transported to doctors’ appointments or on other errands, the drivers are wholly concerned with the well being of their passengers.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and DeGuzman has had to be more vigilant. “We needed to start tracking because we transport frail individuals,” she says. “I wanted to see how my staff members were driving, and because gas prices kept going up, I wanted to know where they were going.” The final straw happened, she says, when one of the company vehicles was impounded, and the driver was arrested. “It made me realize that I needed to do something about it,” she says.

DeGuzman began looking into GPS vehicle tracking options, and a neighboring business told her about the FleetMatics fleet management system. As it turned out, other companies offered systems with higher prices but insufficient features for what New Vista Ranch needed. “The way they were pricing their solution just wasn’t as attractive,” says DeGuzman. “With all the fine print, it would have ended up costing much more.”

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