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New Terrorist Magazine: Wanted Dead Only. Barack Obama Mass Murderer. Reward: in the Hereafter

Posted on the 09 May 2013 by Susanduclos @SusanDuclos
By Susan Duclos
ABC News reports that a new terrorist English-language magazine, Azan, has popped up online and on it's cover it says "A Call to Jihad."
President Barack Obama appears with a bull’s-eye on his head in a new English-language magazine published online apparently by Islamist militants, who also urge Muslims around the world to try to hack and manipulate American drones.
“Wanted Dead Only. Barack Obama Mass Murderer. Reward: in the Hereafter,” reads the full page poster that depicts a darkened image Obama as a target.
Elsewhere in the 80-page tome, the magazine calls upon the “Ummah,” the community of Muslims all over the world, to hack and manipulate U.S. drones, identifying drone attacks as “one of the utmost important issues that the Ummah must unite to come up with an answer to.”
“This is a call to anyone in the Islamic Ummah with knowledge, expertise and theories regarding anti-drone technology. [...] These drones can be hacked and manipulated as evidenced by the efforts of the Iraq Mujahideen” says the article, possibly in reference to the reported interception of video feeds from U.S. predator drones by Iraqi militants in 2009.

A couple months before the news of the Azan magazine was published,  a U.S. Imam reportedly called on Muslims in the United States to wage Jihad.
Flashback February 2013:
The controversial imam of a prominent mosque in Arlington, Va., has urged immigrant Muslims in the United States to wage war for Islam.
“The enemies of Allah are lining up. The question for us is, are we lining [up] or are we afraid because they may call us terrorists?” Shaker Elsayed told a crowd of Ethiopian Muslims during a lecture at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Va.
Let me give you the good news: they are already calling us terrorists anyway. Whether you sitting at home, watching TV, drinking coffee, sleeping or playing with your kids, you are a terrorist because you are a Muslim.”
“Well, give them a run for their money. Make it worth it. Make this title worth it, and be a good Muslim,” said the Cairo-born Muslim.
“Muslim men when it is a price to pay, they are first in line. … They are the first in the community-service line. They are the first in jihad line,” he declared to applause.

Back to the ABC News article about the Azan magazine:
An American intelligence official told ABC News that the intelligence community was aware of the publication and that analysts are currently “evaluating Azan as they would any jihadist publication advocating international terrorism.”

Contrary to the above quoted Imam, these types of calls for Jihad, whether it is in an English-language jihadist magazine or a call from an Imam, which is considered an Islamic leadership position, they are not speaking to the good Muslims "sitting at home, watching TV, drinking coffee, sleeping or playing with your kids," they are after people like the Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
Only instead of simply encouraging people like the  Tsarnaev's to wage some type of Jihad, they are actively promoting the assassination of a sitting U.S. President and our intelligence community is simply "evaluating?"
That is a direct threat against Barack Obama and while I may find his politics atrocious, his agenda dangerous and his ideology socialistic, threatening a sitting President is unacceptable and allowing that threat to continue is irresponsible.
The second our so-called intelligence community became "aware" of the publication, that magazine should have been removed. We have the technology to do so, we have the capabilities to do so and by leaving it online and accessible, we become complicit in the next jihadist attack against America from within.

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