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New Research Reveals Brushing After Food is Unhealthy!

Posted on the 12 September 2018 by Health_news
New Research reveals brushing after food is unhealthy!

Brushing after meals is an age-old theory and, in fact, dates back to the time when a tooth brush was found. It does clear away the germs, bacteria, food particles and other eatables that get stuck in the nook and corner of your teeth. Apart from this, brushing ensures your gums are protected from infection and of course embarrassing breath problems are also gotten rid of.

This is the science we have always taught our kids, haven't we? There is never an instance you enter a dental clinic and the practitioner doesn't advice you on brushing twice a day, especially after a meal. While doctors never go wrong in recommending what's good for the patient, there is an underlying story that screams to be told. Speaking this out may even seem like a weird thing to do. But, recent research has found that brushing immediately after food isn't a wise thing to do.

What do the experts say?

A lot of foods that we consume are acidic in nature, especially, fruits such as oranges, grapes, and lemons have high citric content that stick to the teeth after intake. When there is abrasive force exerted on the teeth by brushing, the acid in these consumptions have higher chances of eroding the enamel and the layers underneath. Enamel is one of the strongest in your body and needs good protection for healthy teeth. When the hardest layer is disturbed, your tooth is subsequently weakened and is tough to repair.

Can soft bristles be used?

Here again, using soft bristled brush isn't going to help. This is equally abrasive and is not a wise replacement. The point here is that you'll have to wait for at least an hour after an acidic meal. Alternatively, you can drink a glass of water or rinse your mouth with salt water if you feel you are forced to wait too long before you can brush.

How long one needs to brush?

After you have waited for a good one hour, you can now do your daily oral care in full swing. But, do remember that brushing for prolonged time will cause more harm than good. 2 to 3 minutes of proper strokes is more than enough and make sure you cover all the crookedness for better oral health.

Alongside all these tips, make it a point to brush twice a day without fail. Especially, if you have a sweet tooth in consuming high sugar content, then brushing saves your day for sure.

New Research reveals brushing after food is unhealthy!
New Research reveals brushing after food is unhealthy!

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