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New Orleans Saints Bountygate Revealed: Roger Goodell and NFL Won't Restrain on Punishment

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache

New Orleans Saints Bountygate Revealed: Roger Goodell and NFL Won't Restrain on Punishment

Photo: The Times-Picayune - Rusty Costanza 

- Troy Ballard

At the conclusion of an NFL investigation, it has been uncovered that the New Orleans Saints' defense used a 'bounty' system to motivate the injury of opposing offensive players.
The investigation reveled that the majority of the defense, and defensive coordinator Greg Williams, all participated in the system. Head coach Sean Payton and Saints' owner Tom Benson had knowledge of the situation, but failed to stop the illegal activity.
The 'bounty' system that New Orleans used was essentially geared to injure and remove opposing players from the game. Before each week, the defense would create a pool of money, sometimes reaching upwards of $50,000, and set guidelines for how to get win a split of the pot. The payment was based off what the team called "cart-offs"and "knockouts." Players would be paid various amounts for hurting a player badly enough that they needed help off the field, and would win extra money if the player didn't return.
With the investigation revealing what the Saints did behind the scenes, serious punishments must be handed down from the NFL. Goodell will make it clear that activities such as this will not be allowed to continue or ever happen again.
Peter King of Sports Illustrated is reporting that possible punishments could include fines, suspensions, and forfeiture of draft picks for the Saints and all players involved. This will be especially true for Williams, who is now the defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams, and his punishment will likely be the most severe.
Roger Goodell, who is a strong proponent of player safety will show little restraint when handing the Saints a punishment. The idea that defensive players were being paid to directly injure opposing players violates all of Goodell's strides to improve the safety of the NFL.
Given that the NFL has been immensely adamant about cracking-down on illegal hits, handing out fines like Halloween Candy, New Orleans won't be getting off easy. Goodell will do his best to underline the seriousness and lasting implications of participating in something as dirty as a 'bounty pool.' Fines, suspensions, and loss of draft picks will only be the beginning.
There will likely be a large influx of measures put into place that stop anything like this from ever happening again, and Goodell will be at the forefront, pushing with all his might. The place where these new rules will be most strictly enforced? New Orleans, Louisiana.
This poor publicity, and the imminent suspensions of key defensive players, won't help the Saints, who are in the midst of trying to re-sign several big-name free agents. New Orleans is scrambling trying to lock in Drew Brees, Carl Nicks, and Marques Colston all to long-term deals. In light of the investigation, the Saints are put into a tough position.
The bottom line is this -- the Saints have performed a disgusting act that has tarnished the game of football, and the team will be reprimanded appropriately, as to send a message to the players on the team, and any future players who would consider doing this.
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