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New Music Spotlight with Johnson Crook, Bleeker, Feels, Ken Yates, and Paragon Cause

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

New Music from Johnson Crook, Bleeker, Feels, Ken Yates, and Paragon Cause

In a time where live shows are being postponed and cancelled left, right and centre, we're asking that you support artists in all the other ways possible. Pre-order albums, order albums, put in a merch order, check out live streams and donate when and where possible.

Today's New Music Spotlight artists are all Canadian except for Feels who hail from Denmark. They come from all different genres and we hope you'll find a track that hits home with you today.

Let's do this!

Artist: Johnson Crook
Hometown: Toronto
Genre: Alt-Country
Related Artists: Joey Landreth, JJ Shiplett, Andrew Hyatt
Single: Grass Sure Aint Greener
Notes: Produced by Multi-Platinum Award Winning Music Producer Jeff "Diesel" Dalziel, Grass Sure Aint Greener, is the latest release from one of our favourites, Johnson Crook. Noel, Jared, Trevor and Nathan deliver a track full of rich harmonies, great guitar riffs, catchy drums, a great backbeat, with some sweet keys thrown in for a good measure.

Artist: Bleeker
Hometown: Orillia/Toronto, ON
Genre: Rock / Alternative / Pop
Related: cleopatrick, Goodbye June, Rafferty
Song: Problems
Notes: Problems is the opening track to Bleeker's upcoming album, SELF-MADE ( available for pre-order). The song looks at the standards created by social media, in an upbeat, encouraging track. Problems is an anthem rebelling against the standards of social media that drives people to compare themselves to others. Bleeker is opening their newest project with a positive message to their audience: "Don't sell yourself short."

Artist: Feels
Hometown: DK
Genre: R&B
Related: Post Malone, Xander, Citybois
Song: Lost
Notes: Lost is from Danish duo Feels. Siná Mousavian is a singer/songwriter and David Evers is a producer/songwriter. The pair have previously written and produced for popular Danish artists and in 2019 they released their first single Thrill feat. Melii. Thrill has over 1.2 Million streams and has received critical acclaim. Their 2020 follow up Lost has been described as a soft r&b track with a guitar sample and a strong vocal.

" Neither our label and any of the people we've played this for have been able to name a reference. It's pretty unusual that, apparently, there's not a track like it out there. We really feel that we've created something unique," says Siná Mousavian about the new single. Watch for their upcoming EP debut, this fall.

Artist: Ken Yates
Hometown: Toronto
Genre: Folk
Related: Dan Mills, Darden Smith, Liz Longley
Song: Surviving Is Easy
Notes: Amidst a slew of cancelled shows, artists are finding ways to keep things going. Today Ken Yates released Surviving Is Easy, from his upcoming album Quiet Talkers. The video treatment is fun, using old cartoons to tell the story. Nimble lyrics, a voice and message that resonates with us. If Ken Yates is a new name for you, we're highly recommending you give this track a listen. And if you already know Ken, Surviving is Easy is a great addition to the catalog.

He'll be doing a few live online performances so keep your eye on his socials. You can pre-order on Vinyl/CD HERE. Ken teases you might get it sooner than you think.

Artist: Paragon Cause
Hometown: Ottawa, ON / Gatineau, QC
Genre: Indie Rock
Related: Birch Barks, Looelle, Phono Pony
Song: Lost Cause
Notes: Powerful and sometimes hard to watch, Lost Cause is the first song from their upcoming album What We Started set for release on April 17, 2020.

" Lost Cause evolved from me being able to voice my frustration with the problems that women face in the criminal justice system," said Opthof. "It is meant to serve as an anthem for women everywhere. To keep going, and to keep fighting for what is right. The Netflix show "Unbelievable" deals with two separate women's treatment by law enforcement following a rape. Spoiler alert: the second scenario would only exist in a dream world. I fear we may never catch up, hence my lyrics You're a lost cause, you mean nothing".

The video for Lost Cause demonstrates through images what Paragon Cause was feeling when they wrote the song. "We wanted somewhat of a stereotypical synth-wave video, but our version implores you to look under the surface of the flashing lights. There are a lot of visual metaphors and symbolism hidden within. Some obvious, but the majority remain more obtuse. The scars of trauma can come from many sources, and we present many of them within the imagery of the video", said Jay.

New Music Spotlight with Johnson Crook, Bleeker, Feels, Ken Yates, and Paragon Cause

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