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New Moon 8th July 2013 – Plant a Seed and Watch It Grow…

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


The traditional message of the new Moon every 28 days or so is one of beginnings, of the start of a new cycle of growth, of making a fresh start or getting the germination of an idea that one day may grow in to something more substantial. The old English proverb of “from tiny acorns, large Oak trees grow” is absolutely the metaphor that I would use for the coming new Moon on the 8th of July. For the first time in a long time this is a new Moon to be savoured, and to take full advantage of.


The New Moon occurs in the nurturing sign of Cancer this time around, to be precise at 16:17 degrees of the sign of the crab. Cancer is a sign of mothering and caring, of protection and it is a cardinal and thus pro active sign. What better sign to launch an idea with the wonderful emotional embrace of Cancer. Anything started now will get the best start possible, as the birth of anything needs due care and attention, the type of which Cancer excels at. This New Moon heralding beginnings is fortified by a powerful grand water trine, from expansive Jupiter which is now making it’s way into Cancer, the sign where it is exalted and works best of all, to Neptune strong in it’s home sign of Pisces making those dreams and ideal stronger than ever to Saturn in strong but silent Scorpio. Jupiter is in a wide conjunction to Mars so there is a huge amount of get up and go present, one’s ability to reach for the stars and to just “go for it” will get stronger and stronger in the next week or two as this conjunction tightens. There is such a positive vibe of strong steady growth here, how can you possibly ignore it?

Saturn is the signature planet for this particular New Moon as it turns direct just hours before the it forms. Saturn turning direct now means we can now all move forward again with some confidence. The long review period in our work and ambitions will now be coming to a conclusion and all those plans we made in the past few months can be acted upon. It’s like taking the hand break of the car, and putting it in first gear. This grand trine which has in all truth been held back by Saturn slowing to a stop can now really get motoring and make a difference to the world. Coinciding with this new Moon, any projects, ideas and plans, even relationships you wish to begin now will get a wonderful platform on which to grow and expand. This grand trine is strengthening day on day now until 17th/18th July when it will be exact.

There is an element of breaking new ground as well as seeking power here as we do have a wide but separating opposition to Pluto and a square to Uranus. Uranus on the day also receives an exciting and electric trine from Venus in sunny Leo. This fire trine crackles with social opportunities, and fast love too. This is a reckless and fun trine where one one could spend too much but have if you pardon the expression have a bloody good time out as well. Venus sits directly on Acubens, the main star in Cancer the crab, a star connected to resurrection, thus to life and death, to beginnings and endings. Combined with Venus, this star literally can bring people together revitalising relationships and on a wider scale this is a conjunction where the community can come together.

We do have Mercury retrograde connected to the new Moon which does put a little dampener on the whole proceedings, but being in the middle of this cycle I don’t see as bad as when Mercury is actually at a stop in stationing before it either turns retrograde or goes direct. Indeed, Mercury retrograde does seem to focus the mind much more internally and we can think things through on a much more comprehensive basis before going ahead with them, which is a good thing.

I am hugely optimistic about the sky picture surrounding this event, wherever I look right now I see positivity and good news. In Britain we are bracing ourselves for a new royal baby. The birth of a new generation and of course a new future monarch who will inherit something close to the planetary picture we see above us. You know this is a blessed time for us all and I hope you are starting to pick up on the feel good factor as much as I am… 

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