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New Moon 30/03/2014 - The Hors D'oeuvre in Advance of the Main Event.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

hors d'oeurves

Are you getting ready for the Astrological fun that will be April 2014? Next month we have all but the kitchen sink being thrown at us and just to get everyone in the mood for what "might" happen, the first course or just a taster will be served up this coming Sunday 30th March, courtesy of a New Moon in Aries.


Have a little look at this lovely chart!! We have the new Moon at 9 degrees Aries making a conjunction with Uranus, sitting at the point of a nasty looking t-square. New Moons sow the seeds for events to come, and this one predicts decidedly unpredictable and shocking events in the pipeline. You never exactly know what is going to come out of a Uranus contact, except to say that things aren’t going to be boring!!

Aries is the planet of war and action and this new Moon says that new events are going to be initiated now. This t-square which has been in operation for a few weeks now is slowly tightening and already it has overseen the revolution in Ukraine and the Crimea crisis, the mystery of MH370 and the awful mudslide disaster in Washington. What next awaits us?

Mars is making an air trine to Venus, thus relationship issues are going to be in the news although with Mars retrograde, any relationships may be beset by anger and irritation. Mars is not a happy bedfellow moving retro in Libra so this trine is one of communication and thus potential arguments as well as kiss and make up promises. Venus also receives a square from Saturn which does cool the emotions and does not make a light hearted atmosphere very easy.

Chiron makes a conjunction with Mercury here, so have we got pain and wounding or healing connected to written words, communications or maybe to vehicles and transport? If ever the search teams are going to find any of the debris from the missing aircraft in the Indian Ocean, I reckon that they will find it under this influence, probably just before Mercury makes contact to Chiron a day or so before the New Moon occurs.

That’s certainly the picture I get as Mercury, Chiron and Neptune, the planets of transport and communication, wounding sacrifice and suffering are making beneficial trines to Jupiter in Cancer. These aspects may bring news of a healing nature to suffering families and the international community; they can also bring in a need to trust your faith as well as to be open minded and free thinking. There is a sense of going with the flow here, of accepting what has gone before and a realising that one can now think ahead move on. Mercury also makes a trine to Saturn and this is a stable aspect of serious thought and words. At the very least with all the difficult energies flowing around us, we will be able to think straight and to make sensible decisions in how to act.

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