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New Mexico Man Acquitted of Manslaughter in Gun Accident

Posted on the 29 August 2012 by Mikeb302000
New Mexico Man Acquitted of Manslaughter in Gun Accident
 Las Cruces Sun News reports

Lowe was trying to unload a sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun when he shot Torres, the driver, in the lower back, prosecutors said. Torres had asked Lowe to check out the shotgun, which was kept in the vehicle's center console, because it was not ejecting shells properly, according to court documents.
Torres' last words were, "I've got to grease this mother..." before the shotgun went off in front of a bank at the intersection of Telshor Boulevard and Missouri Avenue, according to a third teen who was also riding in the car.
I was trying to understand how this could have happened. He's the wrong color, he's had other convictions, he'd even done time before, yet they acquitted him.
 A comment that Lowe told police about how the shooting would not have happened if it was not for marijuana led to him facing a charge of involuntary manslaughter while intoxicated, which was dropped after evidence showed that he had not smoked marijuana before the shooting, said Shattock, who was pleased with the verdict.
Now, that sounds like a technicality. The charge wasn't simply "involuntary manslaughter," it was "involuntary manslaughter while intoxicated." Lucky guy.
I hope that's the explanation.  What I don't like to see is cases like this won because it was "only an accident."  When people violate one or more of the 4 Rules of Gun Safety, like Lowe did when he aimed the shotgun at his friend when trying to clear it, they should be held responsible.
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