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NEW: Is the Death Penalty Just? (Vol. 4 – HLP Christianity Series)

By Mba @mbartoloabela

NEW: Is the Death Penalty Just? (Vol. 4 – HLP Christianity Series)Hope and Life Press is pleased to announce the release of the fourth ebook titled Is the Death Penalty Just? in our new Christianity Book Series just launched last week. Intended to educate and suitable for easy reference, this ebook provides a summary overview and the development of doctrine in the Catholic Church with regard to capital punishment.

The death penalty has been a feature of society since the beginning of time. But is the death penalty just? Addressing the issue of capital punishment right from the beginning of its appearance in the Book of Genesis in Sacred Scripture, together with the writings of modern Popes on the subject including Blessed Paul VI and Saint John Paul II, this book outlines the slow, but steady, movement away from the death penalty as punishment in civilized societies within the context of the inviolable dignity of the human person. It also presents the conclusions of postmodern Christian leaders, including Pope Francis, on the death penalty as an unnecessary and particularly barbaric form of torture in today's world. The Hope and Life Press Christianity Book Series ebooks are available directly from the publishers and the usual book outlets including Amazon.

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