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New Hip Hop: Theolodge: Top Of The World

By Angel Russell @sergeantsparrow


New Hip Hop: Theolodge: Top Of The World New Hip Hop: Theolodge: Top Of The World New Hip Hop: Theolodge: Top Of The World

Central Florida Rapper, Theolodge has released a new track called Top of the World. In it you get a taste of his immense talent, lyrical genius, and unique flow. If you enjoy hip hop and haven’t heard of him yet, get ready to be excited about a great artist who is sure to blow up. Theolodge has been working on his craft since an early age. He started performing in Elementary school all the way through high school, giving impromptu performances. He has honed his skill over the years perfecting his musical talents and rapping style. His flow is easy and refined. He doesn’t ramble on his lyrics as fast as possible to impress, he is thoughtful and poised for the right mark throughout his songs as is evident in his new song  Top of the World.  The ease with which he presents his flow is impressive and obviously thought out. You are able to focus on his words, and they seem to have more meaning because they come at you with purpose. The accompanying track is well mixed with top 40 arrangements. Piano comes in first and the track slowly builds into a perfect radio hit. Some of the samples are reminiscent of old school rappers from the 90′s such as Snoop Dog, in the repeated chirping synths. The beats are calm and focused, but well placed. Over all Top of the World  is properly named because that is where Theolodge is heading.

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New Hip Hop: Theolodge: Top Of The World

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