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New gTLD 1st Day Registration #: .Exchange 1,252; .Capital 909; .Moda 724; .Gripe 212; .Engineering 142

Posted on the 17 July 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

5 New gTLD went into their first day of general availability yesterday and combined the 5 new extension have a total of less than 2,500 registrations.

After the first day of general availability, including any Sunrise registrations and registrations taken in the Early Access Program here are the totals:

.Exchange 1,252

.Capital 909

.Moda 724

.Gripe 212

.Engineering 142

All stats are furnished by, except for .Capital which had totals for but did not.

With only 142 registrations ..Engineering marks the worse performance for a Donuts owned extension.  It looks like only about 50 registrations were made during the first day of availability.


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