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New Girl Kashuna From Storage Hunters ALMOST Gets Car Repo'd On Operation Repo

Posted on the 24 February 2012 by Nikki @KCBlogger78

Kashuna, the new girl on Storage Hunters may be buying up storage units, talkin shit but clearly she wasn't making all of her car payments cause she ALMOST got her car repo'd on Operation Repo.
When I was watching Operation Repo this afternoon I knew that when I saw the below clip I knew who it was, blurred face or not! That is freaking hilarious. Did you hear her throwing racial slurs at Froy, after saying something to the effect that she is not racist, on Storage Hunters, that was so not cool. She said to Brandon & Lori on Storage Wars she wasn't a racist. Well Operation Repo's video shows otherwise. She talked mad shit on Storage Hunters about making moola and clearly she hasn't been spending that money wisely. What did she do with the money from the unit with all the TV's.........Eat'em, I mean damn girl those would have paid for yo car.
That bitch Karma sure came back to slap your ass around.

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