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New Funny Shirt – Anatomy of a Donut

By Fibers @fibers

Looking for a funny new tee to add to your rotation? We sat down and brainstormed funny concepts and subjects coming up with some fresh new t-shirt designs to bring to you!

Here’s our latest edition: Anatomy of a Donut t-shirt.

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funny donut t-shirt

Why would you spend good money on a hole, it’s a lack of something. What I want is a dozen glazed doughnut balls.

Food t-shirts are always a popular design choice. We love thinking up silly and creative ways to celebrate our favorite food through t-shirts. Like with this, “That’s How I Roll” sushi t-shirt.

What’s your favorite food and do you have a t-shirt about your favorite food?

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By John Smith
posted on 02 July at 02:26

I love you like a police officer loves donuts. Loving this! How do we get this one? I can pair this with my funny Heisenberg T-shirt, check it out Just sharing. Up for grabs on this item.