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New Fruit Trees in the Shop: Mountain Papaya, Lulo, Tree-Tomato and More

By Canarius

Now you can buy new types of fruiting plants in the shop at  We have uploaded several new species.  Some of them are very interesting for the people who grow exotic fruits in Europe. They come from high elevations so they can grow in cooler  conditions.

Four species of exotic fruits are really interesting. They are now available and they are becoming tall – all of them are 50-80 cm in height. All are very fast growing and some are very rare in cultivation. 

  1.  Cyphomandra betacea – Tamarillo, Tomate de Arbol
  2. Carica cundinamarcensis (Now Vasconcella) – Mountain Papaya – Papaya de los Andes.  Trunk base is 4-5 cm NOW.
  3.  Solanum quitoense – Lulo – Leaves are 40-50 cm wide NOW.
  4. Physalis alkekengi – Farolillo chino, Alquequenje, Chinese Lantern Fruit

Come and visit the FRUIT TREE SECTION of our shop at  (read below and find a list of the available fruit plants)

New Fruit Trees in the Shop: Mountain Papaya, Lulo, Tree-Tomato and more

Cyphomandra betacea – Tree Tomato, Tomate de Árbol

New Fruit Trees in the Shop: Mountain Papaya, Lulo, Tree-Tomato and more

Solanum quitoense – Lulo, Naranjilla

Other fruit trees now available in the shop are:

Dimocarpus longan cv. Kohala

Dimocarpus longan cv. Sri Chompoo

Eryobotrya japonica cv. Peluche

Eugenia brasiliensis

Eugenia uniflora – Pitanga, Suriname Cherry

Feijoa sellowiana

Ficus carica Blanca

Ficus carica Brevera Canaria – Canarian Fig Tree

Fortunella margarita – Kumquat

Gossypium arboreum – Cotton, Algod

Hylocereus purpusii – Pitahaya

Hylocereus undatus – Pitahaya

Litchi chinensis Early Large Red

Litchi chinensis Kaimana

Litchi chinensis Tai So

Malpighia glabra cv. Florida Sweet – Acerola

Mangifera cv. Gomera 1 – Hardy Canarian Mango

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Anderson ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Ataulfo ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Edward ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Extrema ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Ford ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Haden ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Heidi ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Irwin ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Isis ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Keitt ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Kensington ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Lily ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Lippens ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Manzanillo ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Osteen ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Palmer ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Sensation ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Tolbert ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Tommy atkins ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Valencia pride ‘

Mangifera indica cv. ‘ Van dike ‘

Morinda citrifolia – Noni

Musa cv. ‘Dwarf Cavendish’ – Banana Tree

Musa Gruesa Palmera – Platanera, Banana

Passiflora “Curuba”

Passiflora alata

Passiflora cuadrangularis

Passiflora edulis flavicarpa Alargada – Longer fruit

Passiflora edulis flavicarpa Amarilla – Yellow

Passiflora edulis flavicarpa Grande – Larger Fruit

Passiflora edulis Morada Redonda – Round purple

Passiflora ligularis

Persea cv. ‘Fuerte’ (Aguacate, Avocado)

Persea cv. ‘Hass’ – (Aguacate, Avocado)

Persea cv. ‘Pinkerton’ – (Aguacate, Avocado)

Pouteria campechianacv. ‘ Bruce ‘

Pouteria sapota Pantin – Mamey Colorado

Psidium guava Cubano sin semillas – Seedless guava

Psidium guava Blanco Cubano

Psidium guava cv. ‘ Stone ruby ‘

Psidium guava White Supreme

Psidium littorale – Guayabo Fresa – Cattley Guava

Syzygium jambos – Pomarrosa, Rose Apple

Tamarindus indica

Theobroma cacao – Chocolate

Ananas comosus cv. MD-2 – Small pot

Carica Vasconcella – Mountain Papaya – P. de los Andes

Chrysophyllum cainito – Caimito – SMALL

Coffea arabica Kona, Hawaii – Cafeto, Coffee

Musa cv. Figue Rose – Red Banana – Platano Rojo

Musa cv. Ricasa

Nicotiana tabacum

Pouteria sapota Pantin – Small

Psidium cattleyanum

Psidium littorale – SMALL

Solanum quitoense – Lulo

Theobroma cacao – Chocolate – SMALL

Physalis alkekengi

Come and visit the FRUIT TREE SECTION of our shop at

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