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New Exhibit ‘Write of Passage’ Highlights the Art of Graffiti in Claremont Village

By Whatyouwrite @whatyouwrite


CLAREMONT VILLAGE – Graffiti is being highlighted in a new exhibit called “Write of Passage” in Claremont Village.

The interactive display focuses on the culture of hip-hop.

News 12 The Bronx met with Nelson Seda, the co-curator who launched this project.

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“Graffiti is a youth-driven culture in which traditions are passed down from one youthful generation to the next, so we had some of the practitioners, some of the godfathers, legends of the culture share some of the knowledge of the culture with these participants,” said David Villorente.

Curators say “Write of Passage” is not only a graffiti museum, it’s also a venue where the culture of tagging can be passed down and carried on.

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