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New Beauty Invention Alert! Say Good-bye To Tangled Hair Appliances…

By Beautyblogger @crowscupcell

New Beauty Invention Alert! Say Good-bye To Tangled Hair Appliances…

It’s not often a beauty-related product gets my husband’s seal of approval. The lucky winner? The Style & Go Hair Care Valet. When I mentioned this oh-so-genius invention to Mr. Crows’ Feet, Cupcakes, and Cellulite he all but begged me to order one (over-night delivery, if possible).

Inventor (and winner of Kelly Ripa’s reality show competition Homemade Millionaire) Marcy McKenna beat out thousands of others with her uber smart Style & Go Valet — and for good reason! Her brilliant invention will undoubtedly appeal to the female masses, as there’s nothing else like it on the market. Here’s the beauty scoop:

Beauty 411: Gone are the days of tangled cords, cluttered counters, and ugly hair tool appliances strewn all over our bathroom counters. (Insert cries of joy here.) This clever appliance organizer covertly looks like a regular wall cabinet…but inside are smartly designed sections (three total) for each of your beauty tools (sayonara blow-dryer-flat-iron-curling-iron mess) along with an electrical outlet for each.

Why you’ll love it: Aside from freeing up valuable countertop real estate (and saving your marriage), The Style & Go Valet will prevent your bathroom from looking like a bomb went off in it by neatly organizing your hair tools (and hiding unsightly, tangly cords in a pretty, consolidated place). Another bonus? You’ll no longer have to wait for tools to cool down before putting them away (which means you’ll be able to fit in that Starbucks run after all).

Beauty bottom line: If you’d like to organize your hair appliances in a nice, neat, consolidated fashion, stop the tangled cord madness, and have everything be “outta sight, outta mind” – The Style & Go has got you covered decluttered.

The Style & Go Valet will launch on July 25th on home shopping powerhouse HSN. To get the complete deets, go to

Seriously, it’s inventions such as this one that make me think, “Gah! Why didn’t I think of that?” Happy untangling, beauty enthusiasts!

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