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NESSIE - the Original Concept and Characters for My Hammer Tribute to the Unmade Hammer Film

Posted on the 17 June 2014 by Georgewhite @georgew28573812
NESSIE - the original concept and characters for my Hammer tribute to the unmade Hammer film NESSIE - the original concept and characters for my Hammer tribute to the unmade Hammer film
The film opens in dank, windy, marshy countryside. It is a dark morning in Winter. It could be any time. We see the figure of the GAMEKEEPER, middle-aged, roly-poly, in old-fashioned tweeds and a flat cap, steadily holding his rifle. He looks worried. He wanders around the forest, preparing to fire his rifle. He nears his CABIN. Winds sweep. The GAMEKEEPER prepares to aim his gun. Suddenly, the wind blows the corrugated tin roof off the flimsy wooden CABIN. The GAMEKEEPER runs, the roof zipping along on the wind. The GAMEKEEPER runs onto a muddy, unkempt road in the middle of the forestm by a LAKE. He tries to run, but sees a car coming along. He stops. The roof slices into his neck and beheads him, the GAMEKEEPER's head bashed into the ground. The wheels of a car drive across the road, smashing his head into itty bitty pieces. It falls into the lake, where we hear a burping noise.

The BBC Team

RALPH EMERSON - correspondent for BBC, reliable, middle-aged, professional. GEOFFREY CHANCE - Producer, grey-haired, old-fashioned, sexist. ELAINE LYNDON - Camera-woman, feminist, pretty, feels cheated by the old guard. DUNCAN GASKILL - Researcher, young, inexperienced. 
British Army GENERAL BROTON - Of Loch Ness army base, tough, rough, dedicated, middle-aged, WW2 vet. MAJOR BELL - BROTON's second-in-command, fussy, more like a bank manager than a military officer. SERGEANT PRESCOTT - Tough Northern English sergeant, solidly built. SERGEANT WEEMS - Weedy Cockney sergeant, a coward. SERGEANT "TAFFY" REYNOLDS - Boisterous Welsh sergeant. SERGEANT SIMMONDS - Female sergeant. 
The MacRanald Estate LORD EUSTACE MACRANALD - Posh, vaguely sinister Lord, believes is his family right to kill Nessie, an obsessive hunter. LADY DOREEN MACRANALD - Quiet, slightly dotty old dear, likes flowers. HARRIS MACRANALD - The Lord and Lady's college-age son, who gets eaten by the Monster, angering LORD EUSTACE. ANGUS - The bearded, gnomic estate caretaker/gamekeeper. 
Trans-Continental Oil  SHAMEY PATTERSON - A Scottish worker on the North Sea oil rig, older, experienced, killed by NESSIE. DOUGIE CHAMBERS - Another oil worker, younger, smuggles some whiskey on board.  ARNOLD PROWLER - American representative of Trans-Continental Oil, short, bearded, lumberjack-type JUDD C. KNIGHT - CEO of Trans-Continental Oil. 
Cross-Channel Hovercraft CAPTAIN WILLIAMS - Middle-aged, Nordic. 
Research Station  CAPTAIN FUKUSAWA - Japanese commander. CAPTAIN POLLOCK - Australian vice-commander.
SHEILA - Australian helper.  PROFESSOR HI CHO - Lady Anthropologist, believes that Nessie thinks the bird is a plane. 
South African Air Force CAPTAIN PIETER THOMSON - head pilot. 
The journey - North Sea - down towards France, up towards North Pole to research station, then back into IRELAND.
More info on HAMMER NESSIE, coproduced by TOHO and DAVID FROST, yes DAVID FROST!

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