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Neptune in Pisces – The Planet of Mystery Returns Home.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


On 3rd February Neptune silently & covertly slips permanently into Pisces. Not many people outside those who follow Astrology will realize it, but this will signify a major shift in life on earth. None of us have ever experienced Neptune in Pisces except for the 3-4 months that Neptune dipped it’s toes in the water back in April last year before moving back into Aquarius in early August. This time Neptune stays in it’s own sign until 2025.

Neptune is finally coming home after a break of around 149 years & we now face the reality of unreality. You know, nothing is quite certain when Neptune comes to the fore. It is like a bank of thick mist enshrouding the truth, we see what we want to see before the mists clear and stark reality hits home. Neptune in my eyes can be the most destructive of all the planets and it has so many ways it can get you. It can lead you into a false sense of security so that you make mistakes. It can completely deceive you hiding the truth or it lulls you to deceive and then face the consequences. It can dissolve your will and your power leaving you helpless. On a grander scale, Neptune is the sign of the collective, the masses rising up as one force. Think of this. Neptune rules water. A rainstorm contains millions of droplets of water, all of which on their own are powerless but bring them together into a mighty flood and it will sweep all before it. There is virtually no stopping the power of Neptune and the power of water. Put a rock in the way and the water flows around. Put a dam in the way and it will hold back the water for a while until enough backs up behind the dam and then it flows over the top. The power of emotion and the force of the many can overturn anything they want to, if they put their minds to it.

Back in 1848 we had a very similar planetary setup to now with Neptune moving into Pisces and Uranus and Pluto in Aries a cardinal sign. Soon after the Neptune ingress, there were revolutions in France, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Italy and Poland. Nationalism became rampant, the masses rose up, swept away the old guard and allowed new leaderships to be formed. Interestingly, just 4 days after the last ingress of Neptune into Pisces, a seminal document was published, the communist manifesto. Here was social idealism in it’s purest form and a statement of intent for the rule of the people for the people. Neptune’s approach to Pisces from the last degrees of humanitarian Aquarius had prompted the change and low and behold a similar pattern is emerging once again, however this time the change has been felt in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Marx & Engels’ ideas are back in vogue too, just look at the Occupy Wall Street protests which has expanded to Occupy DC and Occupy London. The financial hubs of the world, the place where much of the world’s power in the West has been consolidated is being challenged by an idealism based around the concerns of the many, the poor the suffering and the disaffected in opposition to the power of the few. Is this Marxism being reborn in a slightly different guise?

What else happened last time Neptune visited Pisces? There was a great increase in spiritualism and mediums and the practice of trance lecturing spread, although this movement was treated with as much scepticism as it was of enthusiasm. Neptune is the planet of ghosts and illusions as well as of deception and trickery. Will new religions and ideas come into being this time around? Will the major religions like Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism flourish again or will scepticism and the search for new answers dissolve some or all of those religions. Under Neptune in Pisces, both possibilities exist. My hope is that astrology can become stronger and useful during Neptune in Pisces for those seeking different solutions to the great questions of life. The technology of the past decades has brought my subject more accessible to the masses of the people on earth than ever it was before.

During this period Charles Darwin wrote “The Origin of Species” overturning common thought and in turn challenging the authority and word of the Church that the first humans were descended from Adam & Eve. Will yet more information about our origins on earth now come to light? Medical advances are sure to quicken pace as Neptune rules hospitals and medicines, watch out for new treatments as well as overhauls of health institutions and healthcare in general around the world. Neptune is associated with drugs, alcohol and escapism, with serving and suffering. Possibly the way we treat drub rehabilitation may radically change, indeed will there finally be an acceptance of so called “soft drugs” into medical practice and into lawful use?

Oil ruled by Neptune was commercially drilled for the first time in 1853 in Poland and I believe that we may seeing the end of the oil cycle by the time Neptune changes signs in 2025. Where might we find new power sources? I think Neptune again may provide many of the answers in the power of water. Just in the past couple of weeks, a new cheap device called the “Searaser” to create efficient water powered energy has been seized upon by the British Government and will be fast tracked into production around the UK coastline. More creative solutions will need to be found, as the energy thirsty nations of the emerging markets, especially China and India continue on their rapid rate of expansion.

Creativity will only be enhanced in the next 14 years. Neptune in Pisces will bring inspiration to a new generation and dance and music may flourish, possibly with a softer less abrasive edge than the urban music and dance scene that has dominated in the last decade. Creative writing may well see a golden age and film TV photography and computer games and the internet may see virtual reality brought to you in far more vivid ways. The notion of the internet cloud is so Neptunian, and by 2025 will we have any need for much hardware in our homes and offices?

I have a feeling that the Neptune in Pisces is a really important milestone we are coming to. The final piece of the planetary jigsaw is now complete, the three outer planets, the ones which affect generations having all changed signs in the past 4 years, Pluto firstly into Capricorn then Uranus into Aries and now Neptune into Pisces. Working together to shape our world, you can see the pattern emerging. Uranus in Aries provides the thrust of change and the spirit to sweep away old established ideas, Neptune in Pisces brings the idealism and the massed ranks of the collective bringing disparate forces together as one, and Pluto in Capricorn destroys the infrastructure of government and big business allowing the new structures of administration to be put in place. In 12 years time as Pluto starts to exit Capricorn, I think the world as we know it will be a very different place and a new order will be emerging from the cloud hanging over us.

The truth is that though the change will be flowing around us until then, I suspect we will only be fully aware of the ramifications of what Neptune in Pisces has brought us when it emerges into Aries in 2025 and the air finally clears. Remember, not all of what Neptune brings is pleasant, we can be deceived into thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Neptune forces you into the land of dreams and idealism; some dreams and ideals can be pleasant but this is also the environment where nightmares can be experienced. When we wake up from our slumber in 2025, what reality will look like? I think a more socially orientated and interconnected world, one where the balance of power will have shifted from the West to the East, and one where national borders as we know them now will be disintegrating in front of our eyes in favour of joint trading blocks of countries.

What do you think Neptune in Pisces will bring to the table? Please feel free to comment below…

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