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NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: A New Traveling Trophy for Black Friday

By Huskerlocker @huskerlocker

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When Nebraska joined the Big Ten conference on July 1, 2011, many traditions were left behind. One of those was the exchange of the Victory Bell between Nebraska and Missouri’s Innocents Societies.
A long time rivalry, the bell began its exchange in 1927. As of the final game between the two in 2010, the bell now rightfully rests with the University of Nebraska. However, many began to ask - what about future traditions?
The Innocents Society of UNL and the University of Iowa’s President’s Leadership Society have set out to correct that problem by introducing a new student-exchange trophy. In doing so, both societies want the public’s opinion on what the trophy should be. Four designs were selected from submissions and are now open to a vote. Voting will take place until Monday, October 3.
Ultimately, the rivalry between the two groups will be used for a good cause. This year, both organizations will be holding a Penny War to benefit citizens and people of Iowa and Nebraska.
Help both the Innocents Society and President’s Leadership Society determine the next piece of history now:
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