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Natural Skincare Tips for Travellers: What the Beauty Experts Say (Part 1)

By Juliet Siu @Lacenruffles
Natural Skincare Tips for Travellers: What the Beauty Experts Say (Part 1)

I adore every moment of travel apart from flying. More precisely, it's the skin havoc that it brings being in the cabin with less than ten per cent air humidity for a couple of hours. My biggest problems are getting break-outs on skin after the flights, and of course not looking camera-ready for various travel blogging assignments straight after touch down! Luckily here at Lace n Ruffles, we frequently hang out with makeup and beauty experts who're very generous in sharing their best kept secrets with you my lovely readers. Here we've asked 8 beauty gurus the question that you're just itching to know - what are the best natural skincare tips for travellers? First up, we have this mega babe makeup artist Sheri Vegas who also vlogs on Youtube to spill her insider tips on how to shine like you just had 8 hours of beauty sleep arriving at your next destination. You're welcome, lovers. Natural Skincare Tips for Travellers: What the Beauty Experts Say (Part 1)

1. Flying and change in climate can cause break-outs and dry skin. The best way to prep your skin before a flight is by apply a few drops of Rose Hip oil all over the face. This will help keep the skin hydrated and feeling plump and fresh.

2. We all know to drink plenty of water on a long flight. But did you know if you drink something with a little bit of sugar your body will lock on to the sugar and hold it instead of flushing it straight out. My favourite is watermelon juice as it is natural and mostly water so it will hydrate you very fast.

3. If you have oily skin the best thing you can do when traveling is use blotting papers. This will act as an oil control and decrease break-outs. Oil is a breeding ground for bacteria so this is a great way to keep oil away.

4. Travel size containers are a must when going away on holiday. This way you don't need to take your whole bathroom with you - just the right amount of what you need and if you have a special skin care routine you won't need to change it. Also when you are away you might struggle to find the right skin care/hair products for you so it's always best to bring your own as you can't be sure of the hotel products being natural.

5. When I'm traveling especially if I'm going somewhere tropical, the last thing I want is a heavy foundation on my skin. So forgo heavy foundation and swap to a mineral powder which will help your skin breathe as well as give you a beautiful finish.

6. Travel on planes or going to a different climate can cause dry, cracked lips and skin. To fix this problem try making your own natural sugar lip scrub and decanting it in your travel bottles and a Clarosonic travel brush is a chemical free way to remove the dry and dead skin leaving beautiful silky smooth skin.

7. When on the plane, to fight back puffy eyes, try using eye cream around the eyes then use a night mask before you take a nap.

8. If you want to look effortlessly flawless when stepping off the plane, try swap a lipstick for a lip tint. Using a rose petals lip tint/ stain will give your lips that pop with great staying power and without the effort of reapplying a lipstick.

9. Mist sprays are great when you feel like you need a refresh and to rehydrate. I like making my own and adding in my own essential oils giving me extra skin care as well as a soothing scent.

10. When I get to my hotel I love making my own cold eye mask. This gives my skin a quick refresh just by wrapping a damp hand towel in some ice and adding an essential oil or Aloe Vera on the towel and wrapping in ice from the hotel fridge. This will help soothe the skin and brighten it up as well as remove puffiness from flying . Great tip if you have swollen ankles as well!

Natural Skincare Tips for Travellers: What the Beauty Experts Say (Part 1)
Re-packed my travel beauty pouch with Sheri's tips! Some of my fav natural travel beauty products include Mukti mist toner, Rosehip PLUS roll-on rosehip oil, Burt's Bees 100% natural lip shine, LUMA natural lip gloss and MG Naturals mineral airbrush powder.

Sheri Vegas - Sheri Vegas Makeup Artist

So tell me fellow green beauty junkies, did you find any of Sheri's tips helpful? I was squealing with excitement when I read her tips about the homemade cold eye mask as sadly I do get goldfish-like swollen eyes after long haul travel (plus lack to sleep doesn't help!). I had to say it simply worked MAGIC on me! So go on and test some these tricks my lovelies and tell me how they work for you. Make sure you subscribe to our site, follow on Facebook and keep an eye on Part Two of the story next week with another 6 skincare experts sharing their travel beauty wisdom!

Until next time, stay beautiful and keep exploring.

Natural Skincare Tips for Travellers: What the Beauty Experts Say (Part 1)

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