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Natural Hair Basics: The 'Baggy Method' for Ultimate Natural Hair Moisture & Softness

By Rockitnapptural @Rockitnapptural

Natural Hair Basics: The 'Baggy Method' for Ultimate Natural Hair Moisture & Softness

Also know as: The Greenhouse Effect, or Conditioning Caps

What the heck is the “baggy method?”
The baggy method is a term that is often used by naturals for a method used to retain moisture for kinky and tightly-coiled hair types. It is a method to provide intense, overnight conditioning to your tresses to ensure that your hair is, and will retain moisture throughout the day. The baggy method has been proven to work for many people suffering from dry, severely parched hair when used regularly. I tend to use the baggy method more in the winter months because my hair is much drier in colder weather...
Is there a Proper Way to Use the Baggy Method?
Technically, this is no right or wrong way to use this method, the key is to determine what your natural hair needs are, and what hair products or all-natural ingredients you could use to help meet those needs. For instance, if you're having an issue with excessive breakage you may want to use the baggy method for a protein treatment for your hair or if you're suffering from extremely dry hair, you could use several oils, vegetable glycerin and water.

I would suggest using this method on either wet or very damp hair and applying products that moisturize your hair best (this could be oils, conditioners, bananas, avocados, etc) so you can seal that moisture in overnight and achieve maximum conditioning of your natural hair. I’ve tried several methods and have determined a method that works very well for my hair. The Baggy Method is Simple:

  • If hair is dry, lightly spritz hair with water (I use a mixture of 1 part vegetable glycerin and 2 parts water)
  • Apply a dollop of your favorite leave-in or deep conditioner
  • Apply your favorite moisturizing oils to your hair and scalp area in moderation
  • Gently massage scalp and edges for 2 minutes (to stimulate the scalp)
  • Apply a plastic conditioning cap (or plastic grocery bag if your don't have one)
  • Wrap your hair with a satin scarf or bonnet
  • Head to bed!
  • Wash out in the morning with a sulfate free or low-sudsing shampoo.

In the morning, all you have to do is lightly co-wash or rinse your natural hair and continue your hair styling routine as usual. You should see a difference in the moisture level and the softness of your hair. Don't hesitate to experiment with various oils and essential oils  as well.

Do you practice the Baggy Method? Has it improved the retention of moisture for your hair? What methods do you use during the winter to combat dry, parched hair?

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