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Napolitano: No One Died in Orlando Until the SWAT Team Entered the Building

Posted on the 29 June 2016 by Adask

Pulse night club Mass Killing [courtesy Google Images]

Pulse night club Mass Killing
[courtesy Google Images]


There were over 100 casualties. This implies that at least 100 bullets had been fired.  This implies that even if the gunman had 30-round ammunition clips for his semi-automatic rifle and he had one clip in the rifle when he arrived–he still had to change clips at least three more times during the massacre.

Why didn’t one or more of the Pulse crowd try to jump the “single gunman” when he changed clips?

Some people have speculated that one man couldn’t have caused over 100 casualties all by himself.  That speculation leads to the conclusion that the “lone gunman” must’ve had one or more accomplices who have, so far, remained unidentified.

Judge Andrew Napolitano was recently interviewed by Fox News and offered an implicit answer to how the “lone gunman” caused so many casualties:  He had help, alright, but it wasn’t from some accomplices–it was the government.

According to Judge Napolitano, the FBI’s report on the Orlando mass murders claims that no one died in the Pulse nightclub until 5:13 AM–when the SWAT team entered the building.  No one has said so officially, but this report at least implies that, on entering the building, the “lone gunman” (who had apparently not yet shot any of the Pulse club’s patrons) may have fired on the SWAT team–or maybe SWAT fired at him.  It makes little difference who fired first.  In any case, it’s possible that one or more members of SWAT may have panicked and returned fire from semi-automatic or even full-automatic rifles.

We can assume that if the “lone gunman” fired on SWAT, he was not intentionally shooting bar patrons. He was presumably shooting at SWAT.   We can assume that IF the SWAT feared that the “lone gunman” had planted bombs around the inside of the building, one or more members of the SWAT team many have been prone to panic.  We can assume that IF any member(s) of the SWAT team panicked, they might not have been able to clearly see the actual “lone gunman,” but were shooting spray-and-pray-style into the building and crowd.  This implies that, IF Napolitano’s report is accurate, many, perhaps most, or even all of the Pulse casualties may have been shot by SWAT rather than the “lone gunman”.

It will be interesting to see if ballistics tests of the bullets recovered from the bodies of the Pulse club victims reveal that all of the victims were shot from a single rifle used by the “lone gunman”–or if some or many of those victims were shot by bullets fired from other rifles traceable to SWAT team members.

If it’s true that no one was killed until SWAT entered the building, and if some or even most of the Pulse casualties were shot by government SWAT members, I wonder if the government gun-control advocates will be being to advocate that “assault rifles” (which are fully automatic) be banned from government use.  Fair is fair.  If government is responsible for shooting some or most of the Pulse club victims then maybe government–not the public–should be disarmed.

Here’s an excerpt from the Napolitano interview.  The audio is not synchronized with the video, but voices sound authentic.   Pay attention to Napolitano apparently claiming that no one died until the SWAT team entered the building at 5:13 AM.  He doesn’t make a big fuss of that allegation, but if it’s true, it implies that many of the Pulse club victims may have been shot by SWAT.

The question of how could one “lone gunman” cause over 100 casualties might be answered if the “lone gunman” fired a maximum of, say, 30 rounds and the SWAT team fired 100 rounds or more.

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