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Nano Nails Offers Stylus Style and Accuracy for Women with Long Nails

By Bridgetteraes @BridgetteRaes

Nano NailsIf you’ve ever struggled with using a touch screen on your smartphone because of your long nails, you’ll be thrilled to know about Nano Nails by Tech Tips.

Tech Tips was founded by a Cleveland Clinic dermatologist when she wanted to be more accurate with her smartphone.

If you’ve ever seen a woman with long nails “knuckle” her smartphone or gotten a incomprehensible text from someone whose nails have gotten in the way, this work-around just may be smart style.

Tech Tips Removable Stylus

Tech Tips Removable Stylus

There are two types of products that Tech Tips offers.  The first is the Tech Tips brand precision stylus that fits over the fingertip. The other is a an artificial fingernail stylus branded as Nano Nails that replicates the motion of tapping on an object with your fingernails.

Unlike the Tech Tip, which is removable and also can be a great solution if you’re wearing a pair of gloves, Nano Nails is placed under the index fingernail, either as a full press-on nail or nail tip.  The plan is to sell a package of four or six that can be applied at a salon or by the wearer.

Nano Nails won’t be out until May but reviewers are already saying that once you get the hang of the best angle, it does offer great precision than a regular stylus.

Here is a video of Nano Nails in action.  If you have long nails, is Nano Nails something you’d consider wearing?

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