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Namepros Member Urges People to Steal His Domains

Posted on the 09 January 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains

Here is a first, with all the discussion on Namepros about domain theft, like and, someone is now asking for people to steal his domain names.

Not the best look for anyone in the industry. Of course this is just a perverse way of giving names out for free. It would be better imo to not use the term stealing.

The talk about prompted me to ask Carolyn at Sedo to get me Sedo’s policy.

Basically if I buy a domain name that later turns out stolen what happens? Will you reimburse me?

There is a long reply but the meat and potatoes,

Sedo does help our buyers minimize risk by requiring sellers to provide a legally binding representation and warranty that they have the authority to sell the name. Once a purchase and sale has been completed, however, Sedo cannot return the funds paid to a seller as we are not an appropriate party to arbitrate a dispute.

Read the whole thread here and you see that there were loans made by one NP member who used as collateral.

Ninja Domains wrote:

I had given Alejandro a loan with as collateral. He paid me back with an extra fee like he did with a few domains. I tried buying for $30k, but he said the offer was too low. I have not heard from him in awhile so my only advice is to not deal with him until he is cleared.

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