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NAACP Fails to Renew, Domain Now On Auction At NameJet

Posted on the 12 February 2017 by Worldwide @thedomains

There are names and then there are names, some are so controversial and vile that most people would never want any association with them. We wrote back in December about the uproar surrounding the domain name being auctioned at Namescon.

Well now what is one of, if not the most offensive word in the English language, so offensive it is usually only mentioned as “The N Word”  has fallen through a couple cracks. has been owned by the NAACP as far back as 2001 according to Domain Tools. It looks like someone there has unfortunately let that domain name expire.

To add insult to injury NameJet included the name in their daily newsletter today.

Under exclusive to NameJet the domain which is registered at was included on  daily list of domains.

Now this is more than likely that the daily list is an automated list not hand curated by a person. There should be a filter for certain controversial or inflammatory keywords or maybe someone should start eyeballing the list before allowing it to be sent out. should do the right thing and not allow the domain name go to auction although the NAACP bears the responsibility of not allowing the domain name to expire for non-payment and then be subsequently dropped to the highest bidder.

Here are the domain names listed today on the list as exclusive:

NameJet Exclusive

There are currently 40 backorders on the domain name with 12 days to go and currently the high bid is $301.

With all the division and political discord in the country it is imperative that the domain does not end up in the wrong hands who would use the name in a nefarious way.

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