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My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale

By Blessmybag @blessmybag

I think in recent years I have underestimated the power of dressing the part. My best friend Alma told me personally that in our little group I've always been the medyo mas "fashion forward" or more different when it comes to clothes because of my artistic side...ever since high-school. However, I think I've lagged a bit when it comes to the age-appropriate aspect of dressing myself because I hang with so many younger people, my cousins in particular. When I dress up though I never keep 10 style pegs in my pocket. I put on what looks good on me and what feels right for the moment, that's my key to looking like I knew what I was doing without trying too hard. An aunt of mine mentioned a couple of months back that I might begin to consider NOT wearing extremely casual or trendy clothes as often, even if they are comfortable. She recommended retiring T-shirts with Mickey Mouse on them or loud pop-art for public viewing LOL. She said this in light of the fact that I have a face that registers as extremely young, masking my true age. While it is a compliment, honestly, it's been somewhat of a disadvantage at work having a youngster mug on.

My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale

Sometimes in the makeup business it still happens to me. There's a pleasant first impression followed by doubt, an immediate lack of trust when some clients meet me. Even if I bring on the professional charm and have great makeup on this mug of mine there is still that doubt that tends to hang mid-air between us. Of course, I deliver the work and they are surprised and happy (and relieved) but their initial lack of trust is unsettling sometimes and can interfere with the work. So I concluded that a change in personal presentation across my wardrobe just might help as people close to me suggested.

My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale

Black Suede Boots, SALE PRICE: PHP995.00, OLD PRICE : about Php2950 or 2995, (sorry, the old tag went missing) MADE IN VIETNAM

I first chose the black suede boots because for Php995 they looked exceedingly more expensive and when I wore them they felt much more than they actually cost when on my feet. Then I chose a handful of top clothing pieces I needed, which you will see in the full post. Two weeks ago, Filipino stylist, Michael Salientes, a good friend and former fashion director with Details magazine NYC (he was in the Big Apple for over 10 years and witnessed the Conde Nast publishing takeover when it acquired Details ), began egging me excitedly about the post-summer Zara sale, he said I have to go because of the major markdown on so many good classic pieces. He said he was going that day during our shoot. I said I'd go with him twice in a span of 8 minutes, and twice in that span I changed my mind after praying to calm my excitement. Because of the odd weather, terrible traffic, and other errands I decided to skip accompanying him on that exact day (others would tell me that was painfully unwise, to not accompany Michael Salientes on a shopping spree), but I said to him sincerely that I would try not to miss it. When I have no peace I just won't jump on it because I know there's a reason why. Long story short, the Zara sale left my mind for a whole week after Michael Salientes had told me that it was already the last weekend of the sale. I figured I must have missed it. Thinking the sale ship had sailed I silently beat myself up for not accompanying Michael. However, on a very random day a week later, I found myself in Rockwell, lo and behold, the ZARA sale was still on, and many of the sale items had been marked down from the previous sale price AGAIN, bringing the prices even lower. All photos in this fashion feature are shot by me using a Canon 600D with the new 50mm 1.8 STM lens and made possible with a tiny, hand-held Canon RC6 remote control which triggers 10 seconds of beeping before actually firing. Click through to the full post to see the complete fashion feature on the clothes I chose from the ZARA sale.

I spent a good 2 hours shopping ALONE in Zara Rockwell. What bliss! I filled my bag and whittled down the selection around 3-4 times, removing stuff, adding stuff, and removing them again, armed with an in-store calculator at the end. One of my favorite pieces from this spree is this Zara basic fuschia pink blazer which was serious but glam at the same time. It had a tiny tear along the white inner lining, but none on the actual coat fabric. The saleslady pointed it out to me but I said I didn't mind the small tear on the lining, it could be easily sewn with white thread. It fit perfectly when I put it on, it almost felt like it was custom-made. Modern Moroccan tailoring at its best. By the way, I indicate where exactly each piece was made in the captions.

My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale

Fuschia Pink Blazer, ZARA Basic Collection SALE PRICE: PHP1595.00, OLD PRICE : Php2995 , MADE IN MOROCCO

There was a minor seam tear in the white inner lining that needed to be sewn but no damage at all on the pink fabric. Someone who was not the same size must have tried to put it on. I already owned the white inner tee (BENCH Men's basic, i prefer the cuts of men's basic tees) and Jeans (Levi's)

One of the first pieces I picked up and shoved into my shopper's bag was this knit tank top in a beautiful, powdery Cornflower sort of blue, this also comes in white, a Lady Danger red, and black if I remember correctly. Cornflower blue has a bit more oomph than just a basic pastel blue, more intensity yet still muted. I purposely picked it up at a Medium even if it was a size bigger so that it would hang on me, the way Rumi Neely's beautiful tanks hang on her. For this effect I am thankful that I have a model chest and am in no way busty, so fashion sticky tape along the plunge should keep my dignity safe on more active days when I go out. For this feature I've simply paired this knit tank with scalloped, cocoa hued overalls which my Diane Keaton-as-Annie Hall clone mother gave me last year. Excuse my face, noontime heat was looming and I couldn't relax my expression, lol.

My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the SaleMy ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale


Platform Shoes: COLE HAAN Sharapova Collection (with Nike Air sole technology)

The next piece, also ZARA knit, is something more for the upcoming 'Ber months and it makes quite a fashion statement. It's a heavy coat, but not too warm and not itchy at all. For this look I was kind of going for the out-of-bed English schoolboy feel. Kind of like dressed for bed but not, faking pajamas with a pin-stripe Zara Boys polo shirt I spied when I went up to the kids' section in Zara. I go for men's or boy's shirts as well simply because they're most of the time better cut and well-tailored in comparison to a ton of women's blouses out there, plus the Zara boys tops in 13-14 fit little XS lady me perfectly. My mother is the same, she prefers men's pajamas, inner tees, and men's polo shirts sometimes because of the tailoring.

My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale


ZARA Boys Pinstripe polo (not on sale) REGULAR PRICE Php1395, MADE IN BANGLADESH MANGO Drawstring Linen Pants Php200 from a community garage sale (met the owner) PAYLESS Flats in Black

Another shirt I got from the ZARA teen boys' section was this really nicely tailored high-neck polo, buttoned to the top with hardly any collar. I think it's made of linen material, but the less crumply kind. This sort of chic, laid back, but classy shirt I can imagine my self using over and over again without thinking too much about it.

My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale My ZARA Wardrobe Upgrade | Style Scenes After the Sale
ZARA Boys linen polo (not on sale) REGULAR PRICE Php995, MADE IN BANGLADESH Shorts (Overalls) used from earlier photo.

I don't consider a shopping spree like this to be "damage" in any way. My wardrobe had it coming. It was a long overdue upgrade and there certain things I bought in the past that I shouldn't have instead, the money could have been spent on better, long-lasting classic clothing. Have any of you availed of stuff from the Zara sale? Let me know in the comments.

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