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My Top 5 Favourite Beauty YouTubers

By Dorkchops @dorkchopsworld


I have YouTube to thank for introducing me to makeup back in 2008! I remember just being so fascinated by how complicated it all seemed and all the steps the major beauty gurus took to create a full face makeup look. I never actually started to experiment with makeup on myself until 2010 but I still watched videos religiously just because I thought makeup was so magical and beautiful!

I’ve narrowed my list down to 5, I believe all of these YouTubers are truly so talented and gifted at what they do! =) I could totally watch them all day!

C h l o e  M o r e l l o ♡


Chloe is a fellow Aussie beauty guru who is a complete doppelgänger of Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl). I love how her uploads cover both the natural and wearable looks as well as the more fun, dramatic and non-wearable makeup looks. She is so incredibly talented and I think she is the queen of brows and winged eyeliner. She nails both every single time! She is also just such a fun and entertaining person to watch.

♡ N i k k i e T u t o r i a l s


Nikkie is a Dutch beauty guru and like Chloe, she is so fun to watch. She has an amazing personality with a great sense of humor so all of her videos are very entertaining to watch. I feel that she is a really unique makeup artist and has a signature look that I just totally adore! She does a lot of celebrity inspired looks and they never cease to amaze me.

J u n g S a e m M o o l ♡


This is the perfect channel to watch Korean style makeup tutorials! JungSaemMool is a famous makeup artist in Korea who has worked on many K-pop artists. A lot of the tutorials are of her students applying makeup but they are exceptional nonetheless. They are all so effortless and soft in the way they apply makeup that it’s almost therapeutical to watch! If you’re looking for tutorials on how to do Korean makeup, this is definitely the channel to check out because it is incredibly professional and the makeup skill shown is out of this world amazing.

♡ P o n y ‘ s  B e a u t y  D i a r y


I have referenced Pony multiple times but she truly is so amazing at doing makeup! She explains all the steps taken very clearly and she gives tips along the way to help beginners. I am absolutely obsessed with every makeup look she does. Not only does she make incredible videos, her Instagram account is also definitely one to follow! Her photos are breathtakingly stunning just like she is.

L i s a  E l d r i d g e ♡


Lisa Eldridge is a well known makeup artist who has worked on a countless number of A-list celebrities and you can totally see why! You can completely see her expertise in the makeup field in all of her videos and I totally wish I could apply my makeup as professionally as she does. You can just tell that she is a really genuine and honest person, which are qualities that I completely respect. Check out her channel if you want to apply makeup exactly like a celebrity makeup artist!

Let me know if you watch these YouTubers too and who your favorite YouTubers are! =) ♡

My Top 5 Favourite Beauty YouTubers

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