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My Think Tank Camera Bag and Why I Love It

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture Through my time as a portrait photographer in Ohio for the better part of a decade and my life as a travel writer and photographer, I've worked with my fair share of camera bags. There are all sorts, big and small, simplistic to the ridiculously complex and confusing. Each can useful for one photographer and cumbersome to others. I used to prefer all of the gadgets that come with the varying styles of photography, and the space to hold it all turned into a sort of game, because once you get into the larger, luggage type bags, you run the risk of overkill by weight, or by gadget overload. Then as I transitioned into a travel photographer, being able to carry everything I needed to live and survive, while remaining photo capable throughout a several month trip, the bags needed to be smaller, stronger and more versatile. It's taken me several years to find the perfect bag for me. And although, each professional's requirements and needs are different, it's always worth it to search until you find the right one for you.
Picture My ideal camera bag for travel photography, camping trips and wilderness expeditions is the Think Tank Retrospective Leather 30. Not only is the design comfortable, the material strong, and the features wide with variety, it is as spacious and as versatile as I could ask for. I typically travel with 1-2 camera bodies, depending on the trip, 2-4 lenses, a laptop and sometimes a tablet, and this bag can handle all that and more. The internal space is built out for larger DSLR bodies, equipped with grip and lens, with plenty of space to spare for more lenses on the sides (as shown in the photo below). It's also capable of holding a whole lot more when broken down.

Picture Besides the ample pockets and quality build of the bag, I think my favorite feature is the Sound Silencers. There are two strips that stop the velcro from making that screeching rip sound when you're opening it. Why is this important? Well, as a wildlife and landscape photographer, any human sound can alert animals to your presence. And when you're sneaking up for a shot or have posted up in a secret spot for hours waiting for the perfect moment, the last thing you want is that horrendous sound to scare away the wildlife. Last, not only is the Retrospective 30 classy as can be, it's functional, versatile, heavy duty and feature rich. I may never look at another bag again.
Picture Features of the Think Tank Retrospective Leather 30 camera bag:
Casual, form fitting design with added premium leather accents for an upscale, rugged option
  • Full-grain Dakota leather flap and accents complement the casual appearance of the soft, form fitting Retrospective Leather series
  • Expandable front pocket fits up to a 10” tablet or 11” laptop
  • Perfect size for gripped DSLR or mirrorless camera systems
  • Dual cross buckle on front flap for added security

Click here to learn more about the Think Tank Retrospective Leather 30 camera bag
(Photo #1 + #3 by Brandon Scott, Photo #2 + #4 via Think Tank)

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