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My #SuperMilkMan Entry, Starring a Cute Girl and a Hungry Dog

By Bloggerfather @bloggerfather
The Rock SuperMilkManThanks to the good people at the Life of Dad site, I am now an official entrant in the #SuperMilkMan contest. Based on my video submission below, I may (or may not) win a trip to meet The Rock, and I assume, arm-wrestle him. You can see my daughter was born to act, and Doggie also does a pretty good job. I've never tried doing an Instagram video before, but these things are fun. Look out, Peter Jackson. I have an Instagram, and I'm not afraid to use it!
Now, more about the milk:
The Life of Dad guys are also hosting a Twitter party on 8/15 at 12pm EST, which will be co-hosted by Chris from Daddy Doctrines, Vincent from CuteMonster, and Eric from DiaryDad--all great blogs you should check out, by the way. During the Twitter party, 5 people will win "The Rock – Milk Prize Packs," valued at $98 per basket. There are special SuperMilkMan spoons, and masks, and clothes, and milk glasses and all sort of fun things to win, and you'll have to tune in to the Twitter party for more information. Just follow the #SuperMilkMan hashtag on 8/15 to join!
Now... Here's my entry, followed by the one The Rock did for the Superbowl. To be fair, his budget was bigger, and our lion tamer bailed at the last minute.

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