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My Straw House Fairytale Review at Skyes Cottages

By Etspeaksfromhome
My Straw House Fairytale Review at Skyes CottagesOnce a upon a time, ET, Mr K and Ms C were walking into a beautiful straw house!  Suddenly, they heard someone outside the door!  In a gruff voice, "Let me in or I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house down!".  
Not to worry, this Straw House that my children and I stayed at Skyes Cottages is made of 100% completely natural and organic materials.  They are in fact very solidly built and would suit anybody seeking an eco-break.  Straw House from The Three Little Pigs is one of the three new cottages that they have offer in their Fairytale Cottages section, along with the Gingerbread House from Hansel and Gretel and The Old Woman That Lived in a Shoe.  If you remember in The Three Little Pigs story, they also have a house made of timber and from brick.  They also offer these in a nearby location.
It was always my dream to live in a straw house as The 
Three Little Pigs' story was my favorite fairytale book.  It is set in a relaxingly remote location which has been cleared almost entirely of big fat wolves.  Of course, we did make sure all doors were closed in case any other wild animals attempted to come in!  Also daddy Mr C didn't come with us. We stayed in this two bedroom straw bungalow which sleeps 3 people between the double room and the single room. It comes with one bathroom with bath, shower and WC.  This is definitely spacious and affordable for us three to stay!  Also I have an excuse not to do cooking as there is no kitchen available except in the Brick House due to fire risk and of course, no smoking in the house too! 
As this is located in beautiful woodland, it provides a great opportunity for nature-spotting.  We were hoping to meet giants, pixies, princesses, gnomes and all kinds of talking animals during our walk.  Mr K and Ms C had so much of fun picking wild flowers and collecting sticks and leaves for their mini art and craft project.  They made a bonfire picture using the sticks to paste on the paper and using the red Autumn leaves to represent fire in the background.  We did wonder around the Stick House and Brick House as they are just a few minutes walk away.

We had spent a whole day exploring the Storytown's mysterious towers and castles and enjoyed a good long walk in the nearby enchanted forest.  Would you like to walk with us in this beautiful rural, mountainous center of a far-away land?

Disclosure: This stay is fictional as part of the fairytale cottages on Skyes Cottages but they really they do have a Straw House.  Thankfully, they are giving my children a book voucher to continue their enchanted dream walk.

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