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My Review of Never Again by Lily Luchesi: A+ for Originality.

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost
Never Again: A Paranormal Detective Series Spin-off Novel (The Paranormal Detectives Series) by [Luchesi, Lily]
When anyone writes about sirens, they almost always mean women. Few people have even heard of male sirens and this is one of the things that make Sean Wireman such a multidimensional character. He starts out in 16th Century Israel and survives being stoned to death. Since he is a siren, he needs to take the life force out of his sexual partner in order to survive. He then uses his sireny charms to travel to Great Britain.
When the U.S. entered WWII, Sean signs up to be a soldier in the European Theater. There, he ends up fighting the Komandant of a concentration camp who has deadly supernatural beings that do his bidding in grisly experiments on prisoners.
Sean comes out of it with a severe case of PTSD, but this doesn't stop him from becoming a lawyer and a rock star. Only one supernatural femme fatale can teach him how to survive without feeding.
For a paranormal novel, this is definitely colorful and unpredictable with characters you really want to follow.
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